ExCeL Owner Cuts All Charges for NHS to Use Nightingale Field Hospital | Society


The ExCeL center activated NHS loading to transform the exhibition space into a 4,000-bed field hospital.

London event center chief executive Jeremy Rees said the health service agreement included some cost contributions, but “we have since decided to cover the fixed costs ourselves.”

Rees said in a statement: “The use of ExCeL London for the NHS Nightingale London has always been provided to the NHS for free. We joined the national coronavirus effort immediately and worked in close partnership with the NHS to ensure that this hospital could be operational within days.

“The initial agreement with the NHS included a contribution to certain fixed costs. Since then, we have decided to cover the fixed costs ourselves. The ExCeL London facility is fully available to the NHS, and we are here to meet all of their needs and requirements during this crisis. “

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Data from Public Health England at 8:07 BST April 5, 2020. Last PHE update at 8:07 BST April 5, 2020


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