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Few players can pretend that they will make history, but Michael Dawson is certainly one of those players.

The central defender joined the Lilywhites in 2004 after signing for Notting Forest and stayed at the club for about a decade.

Dawson played 324 games for Tottenham, in 11 seasons, scoring ten goals and creating endless memories of that time (Wikipedia).

The England man was part of Spurs’ last trophy-winning team in 2008 when they won the League Cup. He was also an integral part of the team that first won football in the Champions League under Harry Redknapp.

Despite the fact that he is now 36 years old and that it has been more than five years since he left North London, Dawson still works in English football.

During the 2018/19 season, he managed to return to his beloved Nottingham Forest and remains there to this day.

However, he has now revealed that he was gutted missing the White Hart Lane final in 2017 and that he is looking forward to one day returning to the Spurs.

He said (Tottenham), “I will always be grateful to Forest. I signed when I was 14 and I always dreamed of going out to the City Ground. I did it from the age of 18-21, then I had the dream move to the Spurs in 2005.

“Everyone knows what it meant to me and it was the hardest day of my career to leave. I could have sat there … it wasn’t always easy moments, and it came to a situation where it looked like I wouldn’t play, and that’s something I’ve always loved. I didn’t want to just collect my money as much as I loved the Spurs, and I always do, the time was right. You have been retired from football for a long time and want to play as long as possible.

“I always thought about going back to White Hart Lane, but we had just been relegated to Hull City (in 2017) and I felt it was not the right time. It was so hard to watch (the final, May 2017) because I wanted to be there but Hull was my employers and out of respect after relegation, I didn’t think it was fair to be seen at White Hart Lane this day, even if I would have liked to be there. It would have been an opportunity to see the fans again and thank them because they have always been amazing for me. It will be great to come back to Spurs and step out into this incredible new stadium. I can’t wait for this day. “

When he left the Spurs, he added, “More than five years already? It’s crazy, scary. As a family, we returned to Yorkshire. We had a little boy at the time and he’s in school now! I don’t know where the time is going.

“Do I know what I want to do after playing? These are opportunities. It always comes down to that. It’s good to say what you want to do and then not have the opportunity. It’s funny, I sat down with Robbie and Woody after playing in Middlesbrough (March 2), it was just after the League Cup final and I said ‘do you remember where we were this times yesterday, 12 years ago? ‘- Woody marking the winner, such a beautiful day and a great night, your paths cross now and you wish them good luck. I just want them to succeed. “


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