“Everyone knows” – Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish makes a brilliant move


Jack Grealish randomly draws his iconic derby day shirt to support the NHS.

The Aston Villa captain is hosting a draw for the jersey he wore in last season’s 1-0 victory over Birmingham City at St Andrew’s.

Blues fan Paul Mitchell’s first attack on Grealish was remembered in the first half before Villa Man picked up the winner in the second.

And now, to support the NHS in the fight against the coronavirus, Grealish is donating the shirt to be drawn.

Posting on Instagram, he wrote: “To show my support for the NHS, I am running a draw for one of my favorite match day jerseys with the money raised for the NHS Charities Together fund. If you would like to participate and support my fundraising efforts, simply click on the link in my biography.

“The signed jersey I am giving is the one I wore in last season’s 0-1 win over Birmingham City at St Andrews where I marked the winner.

“Everyone knows how important this match was to me! It was a great victory against our rivals and continued our march towards promotion.

“For a chance to win, all you have to do is give a minimum of £ 10 and a winner will be randomly chosen next Sunday at 7 p.m. and announced on my Instagram account.

“For every £ 10 you give, you will receive one entry to the raffle, so a £ 20 donation will give you two entries and so on. Please tag your friends to let them know they can participate!

“A big thank you to my brother Gabby Agbonlahor who raised £ 17,000. Gabby and I discussed this a few weeks ago and we are really happy to be able to help you. ”

Grealish recently came under criticism for breaking the lock rules and was fined Villa for two weeks.

The club has just announced that the first team and senior executives have agreed to defer the salary by 25% for four months.

For more details on the Grealish raffle, click HERE.


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