“Even you cannot defend this! Piers Morgan Denounces Conservative CNN Statement on Trump’s “Dangerous” Comments About Trump’s Covid-19 Disinfectant


    Piers Morgan s'est déchaîné sur un ami de longue date, Donald Trump, à propos de commentaires controversés sur l'utilisation de "quelque chose comme" un désinfectant pour battre Covid-19, se querellant avec un commentateur conservateur de CNN à propos de la remarque "dangereuse".

Alors que l'hôte de Good Morning Britain a souvent été un ardent défenseur de Trump, Morgan n'a pas hésité à critiquer le président américain pour sa gestion de la pandémie de coronavirus.

In a heated debate on Monday, Morgan told CNN contributor Ben Ferguson that the crisis had brought “All the worst features of Donald Trump” in the foreground and that his handling of the outbreak was “Terrible. “ Morgan also said that Trump had shown a “Total incapacity” to show the type of leadership needed during a crisis.

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Ferguson was not, however, telling Morgan the idea that Trump’s comments could encourage dangerous behavior was ” a lie “ and that Trump suggesting that a disinfectant could be injected is “Not what happened. “

At the press conference, Trump asked medical experts because the disinfectant ” Hit [Covid-19] in a minute, ” if there is “A way to do something like this [in the body], by injection inside or almost cleaning? ”

Trump later claimed that he was “Sarcastic” when he made comments, which sparked a media frenzy and heated debates between his supporters and his detractors.

“We just saw the tape, everyone can see that he was not sarcastic or joking”, Morgan told Ferguson.

“Even you can’t defend this, but it’s good to see you try”, he told the CNN commentator.

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Morgan’s position on what he had previously called “Bats ** not crazy” Disinfectant comments have even prompted Trump himself to stop following his (old?) Friend on Twitter.

Asked on Monday by co-host Susanna Reid, what it felt like to not be followed by “The most powerful man in the world”, Morgan was apparently unruffled.

“I woke up, I saw that I had not been followed”, he said, stopping before adding: “And … I’m done. Was good. “

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