Eva Mendes Realizes Really Why She Rarely Posts About Ryan Gosling


Limits have been set!

Eva mendes draw a line when it comes to sharing things about your family.

As many fans know, she has a long-term relationship with Ryan Gosling. The longtime couple have not only been together for just under a decade, but they share two daughters: Esmeralda (5) and Amada (3).

Saturday, Lost river alum understood why she keeps her personal life … well, personal.

“During these times, I’m so confused about what to publish, so I’m going to publish things that move me in the hope that they will move you too. Since I don’t post my information on my immediate family, and it hurts so much to post on work, let’s go… “, she shared on Instagram, next to a picture of a painting .

Adding: “One of my favorite works of art from one of my favorite artists René Magritte. I’ve always liked this one and it feels particularly relevant right now. send a lot of love there. ”

After reading her caption, a fan asked why she didn’t post about her immediate family.

Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling

Warren Toda / EPA / Shutterstock

” Hello! I always had a clear border when it came to my man and my children, “replied Eva. “I will talk about it of course, with limits, but I will not post pictures of our daily life. And since my children are still so small and do not understand what their image really means, I do not have their consent. And I will not publish their image until they are old enough to give me their consent. “

In addition, she explained why she also kept things “private” between herself and the Blade Runner 2049 actor.

“As far as Ryan and I are concerned, it works for us that way, to stay private,” she wrote. “I’m sending you a lot of love right now. “

the Coupling The actress also reassured her fans that she was “not afraid to explain herself” on social media.

“I don’t mind explaining myself sometimes. I care about people and their questions, “she replied to another subscriber’s comment. “So I’m happy to answer honestly. But thank you for saying thank you! I send you a lot of love there. “

It wasn’t the only honest piece Eva shared in her comments section.

One of her fans congratulated her for sharing meaningful messages, especially given the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Thank you for the thoughtful messages. I cringe when I still see narcissistic messages and humble boasters right now, “wrote one fan, to whom the actress replied,” so do I. Send love. “

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