EuroMillions results and live draw: winning lotto numbers on Tuesday


Welcome to tonight’s draw

If you’ve been successful, you should receive an email if you play on the app.

Click on the email link and you will be redirected to the app to show how much you have won.

If you have a paper ticket, you can check your numbers here or take it to a local newsagent to verify it.

If you manage to match five main numbers, you can win £ 13,500. And if you match four main numbers and two Lucky Stars, you can take home just about £ 850.

And with each ticket, you will also be entered into the Millionaire Maker draw and a lucky ticket holder will automatically be turned into a millionaire if their raffle code is chosen.

If you missed the £ 33 million tonight, there will be another chance to play on Tuesday.

The EuroMillions draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday, a ticket costs £ 2.50 and includes automatic entry into the UK Millionaire Maker draw, which creates new British millionaires every week, guaranteed.

The jackpot can reach 190 million euros (around 167 million pounds sterling).

The Thunderball prize is worth £ 500,000 and the EuroMillions hotpicks are worth £ 1 million.


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