Essential Things Final Fantasy 7 Remake doesn’t tell you right away


Final Fantasy 7 Remake has many moving parts and, as such, carefully distributes the information as needed. But if you know the franchise, or the RPGs as a whole, there may be specific things you are looking for from the start. As a result, you will likely be asking a lot of questions long before the game is ready to give you answers. We don’t want you to sweat the little stuff instead of taking advantage of FF7, so here is a bunch of spoiler-free heads-ups that will save you some stress.

For more guides, check out our feature highlighting some essential tips to know while playing the game, as well as our PSA on why you shouldn’t ignore side missions. Otherwise, you can read our FF7 Remake review.

What are Moogle medals for?

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Around Midgar, you will often find destructible boxes, and you should strive to break them. Firstly, because they are small, puny and pathetic wooden constructions which deserve to be crushed under the power of the bust of Cloud sword, but also because they can sometimes recover your MP and deposit potions or antidotes. Most importantly, they reward you with an article called Google Medals.

You start getting Moogle Medals from the start of the game, and you may find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out what to do with it. The game doesn’t really tell you what they are used for immediately, but don’t worry, a few chapters will meet a character who will trade Moogle Medals for special items.

We won’t spoil who this character is because, honestly, it’s an absolute pleasure, but we will say that you will meet the merchant in a side quest. If you read our review, you will know that side quests are worth doing for their contribution to the story and characterization, but if you need more conviction, that’s it. So be sure to do them, kupo!

How to get more summons

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Whether it’s Guardian Forces, Aeons or Espers, calling on gods and mythical beings to fight alongside you is a key part of the Final Fantasy experience. You can do it in the original FF7 and, of course, you can also do it in the Remake. However, it can be easy to miss the details on how exactly you get these summons, especially since it’s very different from the original and other entries in the franchise.

The first is part of the main story, because a character will give you the Materia object that houses the beast – there is no shortage. However, from that point on, things get a little more complicated. The next one you’ll get is in Chapter 6. You’ll spot the red Materia next to a big fan, but it’s incredibly out of reach. Don’t worry, you will eventually get there. Continue the main mission and you can use an elevator to approach a ladder on the left side of the giant fans and catch it. Just make sure you don’t leave the area without having it.

The rest of the summoning is related to a character you will meet soon after. His name is Chadley, who, according to Urban Dictionary, is a name given to “an invented boyfriend, often used to deceive others into believing that you have a boyfriend so that they stop questioning or making jokes about you. “

Either way, this strange Chad and Bradley mashup gives you the opportunity to fight for the allegiance of the summons. You may find the first summon he opposes you to be tricky, but don’t worry about trying to defeat him here and there; you will see a lot of Chadley and you will be able to fight when you feel a little more level.

Other summons become available to fight by completing the little Battle Intel challenges that Chadley throws at you. There are a total of five invocations in the game and we will not spoil which ones, and although there is a sixth, it is exclusive to a premium version of the game, which is a bit lousy if you ask me but whatever.

How does the joint Materia work (for you beginners FF7)

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Materia gives your characters a multitude of abilities to work in combat. These range from the ability to cast fire, ice, wind and lightning spells, manipulate time, create shells to protect allies and restore their health. There are also a few that will give you incredibly useful benefits that may not be clear at first. Indeed, they require a very specific configuration before taking effect.

The largest of these is Elemental, which will do much less harm when the enemy sets fire to your ass, tries to freeze you to death, or shoots other magical nonsense to end your adventure. Weapons and armor have sockets in which you place the Materia and there are two variants of sockets: simple, isolated and common. If you get a piece of armor with a common slot and place the elemental material in one of these slots, the armor will give you resistance for the type of Materia you attach to it in the second slot.

For example, if you have a location with Elemental and it is attached to another location with Fire equipped, each time an enemy tries to burn you down, the damage taken by the fire attack will be halved. As the game progresses, the enemies become very aggressive and can take out high damage spells, so it is essential to know this. Alternatively, if you insert it into a common slot on a weapon, your attacks will be imbued with this element.

The Magnify material works in the same way, except that instead of granting you a resistance, it casts the spell attached to several targets. So if you have Magnify attached to the healing material, it will heal multiple characters instead of just one. It also works the same way for offensive spells, but it’s important to note that the main target receives most of the damage, and those around it receive a reduced amount. Again, this is super useful, but you only really learn this information through experimentation.

The importance of spell timing

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Like the last main entries in the series, FF7 Remake is a much more active and dynamic game in combat. Unlike the old days, when the characters were rooted in their position and were forced to watch in horror the enemy unleashed ridiculous attacks and killed their friends around them, the characters of the remake can rotate the rings around their enemies if they wish.

However, it also means that the hit system is a little more dynamic. While the remake doesn’t really care, choosing to let you learn from experience, it’s actually very easy to cast a spell and sniff it out completely. Timing is a key element of Remake’s combat model, so you need to watch your enemies closely and use spells when they don’t rush wildly on the battlefield, so you can be sure they are will move and land properly.

Another major consideration that will require you to be careful when attacking is that an enemy may interrupt you. If you cast a spell and the start animation is long, your opponent could launch a faster attack and everything you do. Since you are spending precious resources using your special abilities, being assaulted like this will harm your HP and your ego.

Even worse, if you time one of the specials in Tifa or Cloud’s Limit Break poorly and the enemy is simply out of range, in which case watching them casually move away from your badass, a super damaging cinematic movement will make you ask yourself if you’re cut for this assignment at all. Choose your moments!

How to really punish with Punisher mode

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Okay, it’s time to do some tricks. These will be simple, but they are essential to know and can be missed or misunderstood. Cloud’s unique ability is Punisher mode, which gives it faster and more powerful attacks but with mobility compromised. The other thing that Punisher mode allows you to do is respond to an incoming melee attack with a counter. So if you face an enemy who gets into your extremely gelled pointed blonde hair and tries to slap you, activate this Punisher mode and start blocking to show them what happens when they try to play with an old SOLDIER with thin arms that can still carry around a sword the size of a motorhome.

How Tempest works (not like Shakespeare’s play)

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Aeirth’s unique ability is called Storm. She shoots a crystal at her target which can be charged for a more powerful effect. However, it is quite difficult to use since it has situational application. It’s because the crystal takes a little while to get its job done after sending it out by Aerith.

When you hit the triangle, the crystal moves to the target point and, if it connects, it will do a small amount of damage. Then it takes a few seconds to build up power and explode, inflicting damage on anyone and everything lying around. This is more of an area of ​​effect spell than a direct attack, so you will need to plan carefully when using it. The longer you hold down the triangle button, the more powerful the explosion will be when it happens.

The best time to use it is when you hit an enemy with a spell that blocks their movement, it has been spread out and therefore cannot spread or is absolutely hit by one of your teammates and therefore can do nothing do other than wear your deadly crystals on your face.

The true reward of mastery of arms

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At the start of the game, your party members have limited access to weapons, however, you may be able to buy new ones or find them around the world. Each one has a cool look and can be upgraded to become a devastating destruction tool, as well as to enhance your character’s basic attributes. Another major addition that each offer is a new combat ability.

Each weapon has a special action that you can perform when equipped. However, if you look at it in the weapon selection menu, you will notice that there is a small bar that shows your skill in its special action. As you use the weapon, this bar fills up and, ultimately, the associated character gains this ability, which can be used whether or not you have equipped the weapon.

This skill bar fills up very slowly, but if you pay attention to the little text below the bar, it will tell you how to speed up the process. Trust me when I say it is worth spending a little time grinding each time you get a new weapon so you can maximize this bar as quickly as possible. You’ll want to do it with random enemy monsters you know, because you’ll have to switch to the specific character you’re working on to reach the goal, and it’s easier if you know there won’t be any surprises.

Some weapons are designed to present a different style of play for the associated user, and that style may not match the way you want to play them, so it’s best to learn your skills in low-stake battles. You do not want to face a boss with weapons that do not allow you to play your characters as you have specified.

There is a new game and sorts

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As mentioned earlier in this article, and in the FF7 Remake review, you should do all the side quests you can. They improve the story and often give you precious items. However, if you prefer to focus on the end of the main campaign, but don’t want to miss anything, you’ll be happy to learn that you can come back and tie the ends.

FF7 has a new game in addition. It’s actually a chapter selection that appears after you’ve finished the story and lets you get in and out of different parts of the game while retaining your experience, items and loads. The thing to know, however, is that you will start at the beginning of the chapter, so you may need to spend some time replaying songs to get the bit you need.

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