ESPN Analyst Proposes Cowboys Trade Dak Prescott In Such Wild Assumption It Might Actually Make Sense


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Dak Prescott and the Cowboys have been unable to reach a long-term deal as the former fourth-round pick will play under the franchise label this season. Prescott will bring home just under $ 29 million this year, but as things stand, after the 2020 campaign, he will be an unrestricted free agent.

It’s not a situation Dallas or Prescott necessarily wants to end up in, but fine if the Cowboys don’t offer the contract that the former Mississippi state quarterback thinks he deserves.

With the two sides still divided over negotiations, ESPN’s Bill Barnwell imagined the assumption that Dallas actually negotiates Prescott before things get really ugly.

While Barnwell came up with hypothetical trades involving every first round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, none were as wild as the one involving Prescott. In fact, it’s so shocking that it can make sense for both teams involved.

The ESPN analyst offered the Cowboys trade Prescott and the No. 17 overall choice to the Dolphins in exchange for the No. 5 and No. 82 global choices. Dallas would, of course, choose a quarter with the fifth overall choice in the hypothetical scenario.

The Cowboys would move here to one of the non-Burrow shifts, with someone like Jordan Love as an immediate starter in what would become more of a Cowboys offense in the first place. This business values ​​Prescott as something close to 17th choice in a typical Jimmy Johnson graphic project. The Cowboys stuck the exclusive franchise label on him because they didn’t want to risk losing him for two first-round picks, but I suspect they feared a team like the Patriots might steal it for two choice in the late 1920s.

As for the Miami side of trade, the Prescott acquisition would only accelerate its reconstruction process. The Dolphins would have no problem, at least according to Barnwell, in paying Prescott the type of money he wanted and they would have three more first-round picks in their pockets (17, 18 and 26).

Again, this is a completely hypothetical scenario, but the two franchises could really turn a new page if a business like this happens. Dallas was finally going to take Prescott’s situation out of his books and out of the minds of fans while starting a new chapter with Justin Herbert, Justin Love and Tua Tagovailoa taking over the franchise.

Miami would finally have a proven quarterback under the center, plus three other exciting names in the fold given the other three first round picks it would use.


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