English rugby player locked up in France near the end of his contract | sport


VSallum Wilson has faced uncertainty for most of his career. Biarritz Olympic center and former rugby player in England knows that an athlete’s life can change with a stroke of the pen on a contract without much notice. He once discovered that he was leaving a club through a stadium speaker when the president spoke to fans after the last game of the season to tell them which players would be leaving this summer. The coronavirus crisis has brought another type of uncertainty. The 29-year-old is currently locked in his apartment, aware that he may be out of contract by the end of the year.

Wilson cannot leave his home in Bayonne without a note and can only exercise within one kilometer of the apartment. Each morning, he and his girlfriend prepare and go through a detailed to-do list. Her list contains exercises to keep her body in shape for the rigors of rugby and studying for her preparations for life after rugby. His contract is coming to an end and Wilson is no longer able to show his talent to interested clubs.

“I don’t know where I play rugby next year. Even with that hanging over me, I’ve never been more productive. I want to play for at least three more years, but that period forced me to think deeply about life after rugby and what I want to do with my life. It’s a worrying time for so many in sport and around the world, but I’m trying to control what I can, what is preparing for my future. “


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