England hires players for voluntary pay cuts


England’s central contract male players donated £ 500,000 to the ECB and selected good causes, while the England women’s team proposed wage cuts for the months of April, May and June, in response to the COVID-19 epidemic and the financial implications of English cricket.

The move had been discussed in recent days by senior players from England, including Eoin Morgan, the captain of the men’s white ball, after it was revealed by ESPNcricinfo that an initial request from director Tom Harrison General of the ECB, for a voluntary participation of 20%. The reduction fell on deaf ears with player representatives from the Professional Cricketers ‘Association.

While the PCA itself had indicated in a press release at the beginning of the week that it looked for a solution on the scale of the play on the question of the wages of the players, it would seem that the players have now taken the things in hand, following criticism of their apparent inaction at a time when many county and ECB employees have agreed to cut wages or have been put on leave for the season.

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“Following a meeting today of all central contract male cricketers in England, the players agreed to make a first donation of £ 0.5 million to the ECB and to selected good causes,” said said a statement from the players. “The exact details of the charitable donation will be decided by players next week.

“This contribution is the equivalent of all central contract players in England who benefit from a 20% reduction in their monthly fees for the next three months.

“The players will continue to discuss with the ECB the difficult situation facing the game and society as a whole and will reflect on the best way to support the ECB and both the cricketers and the wider community.

Heather Knight, women’s captain in England, spoke on behalf of her team after agreeing to a three-month pay cut in agreement with their coaches and support staff.

“All the players felt it was the right answer in the current climate to cut wages based on what our support staff take. We know how the current situation is affecting the game and we want to help as much as possible. . We will be discussing other ways to help the game with the ECB in the coming weeks. “

The players’ decision comes after many people from the men’s and women’s teams have made separate contributions to COVID-19’s efforts to combat the spread. Jos Buttler is currently auctioning off the jersey he wore for England’s victory in the World Cup final last summer, while Sam Curran has launched a fundraiser for NHS staff. Meanwhile, Knight introduced himself as an NHS volunteer.


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