End of lockdown divides cabinet as UK death toll reaches 17,337 and PPE fiasco continues – The Sun


Trials of a potential coronavirus vaccine will begin in the UK TOMORROW, confirmed Matt Hancock.

The Secretary of Health took advantage of the Downing Street press conference last night to announce £ 42.5 million for two vaccine projects based in the United Kingdom.

He said a potential jab that has been developed by the University of Oxford will start testing in just two days.

He said: “I can announce that the Oxford project vaccine will be tested on people starting this Thursday,” he said.

“Normally reaching this stage would take years and I am very proud of the work accomplished so far.

“At the same time, we will invest in manufacturing capacity so that if one of these vaccines works safely, we can make it available to the British people as quickly as possible. “

He also said that the process of finding a vaccine would require “trial and error”, but told British scientists that he “would support them and give them all the resources they need” to be successful.

“After all, the benefit of being the first country in the world to develop an effective vaccine is so huge that I do everything in my power,” added Hancock.

This comes after the death toll reached 17,337 after 873 deaths and the cabinet remains divided on how and when to end the British foreclosure.

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