Emily, wife of Peter Andre, reveals plans for third baby in fear


Emily, the beloved wife of Peter Andre, shared her wishes to have her third child as soon as possible.

The NHS front-line doctor already has two children with singer Mysterious Girl, 47, Theo, three, and Amelia, six.

In addition to Theo and Amelia, Emily is also the beloved mother-in-law of Peter’s other two children, Junior, 14, and Princess, 12, whom he shares with his ex-wife and former glamor model Katie Price.

Despite the fact that their hands are already full with little feet around the house, the NHS doctor is ready to have another baby as soon as his youngest, Theo, starts school.

Peter Andre jokes about domineering wives as he takes over as husband at home

The couple were incredibly open about their desires to have another child and spoke to OK! Magazine Pete admitted the subject had changed a lot.

Okay with her love, Emily admitted, “We’re talking about having another baby someday.”

Before adding that his biggest concern is that his house will be empty once his two children are in school.

Peter shares two children with Emily MacDonagh

She said, “My fear is that I will suffer from major empty nest syndrome when Theo goes to school next September. But there is no plan in place for a baby yet. “

Emily’s adorable admission comes after her husband Peter labeled her her “hero.”

The singer spent some time at home with Emily, during the hours when she is not fighting the coronavirus on the front line.

Emily, Peter Andre's wife, is at break point with her husband's ex-partner, Katie Price
The singer spent time at home with Emily, during the hours when she doesn’t fight coronavirus on the front line

Opening up on the pride he holds for his other half, Peter went to Instagram.

Next to a candid shot of the pair posing on the front cover of OK! Magazine, the television star, insisted that he could not be more proud of his “hero” wife.

Peter wrote: “A few weeks ago, when we did this filming, we didn’t know how things were going to change.

“Since then, doing the telephone interview, things have certainly been different.

The two are ready for their third child together

The proud father went on to congratulate and thank “every member” of NHS staff, as well as the key workers who are busy keeping the UK running as usual.

He added, “Every NHS worker, not just Emily, every caregiver, teacher, in fact, every key worker deserves so much praise.”

Pete’s sweet admission comes after he shared his concerns that Emily would contract the coronavirus.

The singer revealed that he was not asleep because he feared his five-year-old wife, who works as a doctor, would catch the deadly virus on the front line.

He takes care of the children at home while Emily and four members of her family work to fight the pandemic.


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