Emily, Peter Andre’s wife, teaches children via FaceTime while working on the front line of the NHS


On Wednesday, Peter Andre’s wife Emily MacDonagh spoke to the kids during labor to give them a quick lesson via FaceTime.

The doctor worked a shift on the NHS front line while loving dad Peter called for help while his daughter Princess struggled with her homework.

Peter and the children isolate themselves at home in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, and while they are not in school, the star tries to teach his children at home.

But things didn’t start well for the hitmaker Mysterious Girl.

He was filmed by one of the kids on Instagram when he was stuck trying to find an answer to a math question.

He was completely stuck on an issue and had to call Emily for help

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“It started well …” he captioned the story.

Having given up, Peter had his head in his hands as he struggled with decimals.

Fortunately, Emily was on hand for a quick FaceTime call to help the princess with her math homework.

Emily helped the princess via FaceTime while she was at work

Emily worked to fight the deadly disease, but made sure the princess could do her schoolwork.

Peter shared a video of his wife during the video call and wrote, “Then mom came to the rescue,” followed by “Come on Ems …”

“You’re going to start at eight and then we’re going to add seven,” said Emily to the princess.

The princess was trying to find the answer to eight plus seven

Peter filmed his daughter holding out her hands and counting the numbers on her fingers as she tried to calculate the sum.

At first, the princess made a mistake, but finally understood that the answer was 15.

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While Emily worked hard for the NHS, Peter then entertained his children by cooking and watching TV.

The loving father spent extra quality time with his children, the princess and Theo in quarantine.

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