Ellen DeGeneres Scored the Word for Comparing the Seclusion of a $ 27 Million Mansion to Imprisonment


Ellen DeGeneres has been criticized for comparing self-isolation in her mansion to the prison.

The American television presenter, 62, has been isolated for three weeks with his wife Portia de Rossi due to social distancing measures imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to the health crisis that forced studio production to close, Ellen presented her show from home and still opens each episode with her typical monologues.

In the last episode, Ellen commented, “It’s like being in jail, that’s what it is.

“Mainly because I’ve been wearing the same clothes for 10 days and everyone here is gay. “

Ellen compared her life in her LA mansion right now to being in prison

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However, many on social media quickly pointed to Ellen’s privileged position of living in a big house, being able to work from home, and being able to enjoy the outside world of her large property at leisure.

She and Portia own a $ 27 million (£ 21 million) Santa Barbara mansion, as well as other properties.

The house in which they isolate themselves has an infinity pool, 10 bathrooms and eight bedrooms.

If the prison were like that, we would all be criminals!

A Twitter user commented: “@TheEllenShow only shows that money cannot buy courses and that becoming famous for some people numbs them in real life. My television will never, never listen to your program. “

Social media users criticized her for her remarks

Another angry social media user tweeted, “@TheEllenShow Comparing being quarantined in prison for disgust. It must be very hard to be trapped in a 24 million dollar cell. You have more than privileged t ** t. “

Elsewhere, one commented, “@TheEllenShow come on. I love your show, but it’s insensitive to say LEAST.

“I am lucky, I am considered an essential worker, so I can still pay my rent but I am stressed 2 at the most to worry about my family who is at high risk.

“You don’t have to worry about a mansion with everything. “

Meanwhile, another Twitter user wrote “” What is f ** k. @TheEllenShow you think? Seriously deaf.

“Amazing how a stupid and thoughtless comment can change the way we look at a person’s personality. I’m sure she regrets it.

“She will apologize very quickly, I think. ELLEN? “

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“Ellen is a scum,” wrote another.

Finally, a disgruntled person concluded: “@TheEllenShow This is INCREDIBLY offensive and inappropriate. “

Well, Ellen hasn’t commented on the backlash yet.

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