Education has never been the only goal of schools. The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Proven It | Education


Tthere is no easy pandemic. Every corner of society is exposed; each of us struggling with our own problems. For school principals in England, these problems are compounded by the anxieties of the 8.7 million children for whom they are responsible.

This past month has been brutal for school principals, and we must all act with caution if we do not want thousands of teachers to be another victim of this virus.

It took only nine minutes for Education Secretary Gavin Williamson to change everything. In less time than it takes to boil an egg, Williamson told parliament last month that schools would “close until further notice”, that national exams would be canceled, that schools would continue to operate vulnerable children and children of key workers – even during the Easter holidays – and that all students receiving free meals would continue to be fed.

School heads have moved from running a regular school to organizing a virtual school, daycare center and food delivery service. They had two days to turn things around. Education has never been the sole objective of schools, and it is a pity that it took a pandemic to prove it.


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