Edge confirms he spoke to AEW and says he didn’t want a bidding war



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WWE Superstar Edge released a new documentary on the WWE network last night and during the broadcast it was revealed that he was in talks with AEW to join the company.

He didn’t go into details of the talks and didn’t mention AEW by name, but he did reveal some information, confirming our own report that he was not only in talks with AEW, but Vince McMahon insisted that his return would take place in a WWE ring if that were to happen.

Edge said, “SummerSlam arrived, and then another company in the industry contacted me and said they were interested and wanted to know if I could fight. At this point, I didn’t know if I could. Before doing anything, I decided that I should find out. “

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Edge went on to say that there had been initial discussions but told them that when there was an official offer on the table, he would need to speak to Vince. The reason was that Edge said, “He has done me well all my career. He gave me a chance. He trusted me to be able to achieve many things, to be a pillar for his shows, to be a general. It goes a long way for me. “

So Edge sat down with Vince this weekend and revealed everything from a potential return to the ring to discussions with AEW. Edge said, “I reached out to Vince and said, ‘I need to talk to you this weekend. It has to be face to face, not by text or telephone. I went, sat with him and told him everything. I wasn’t trying to start a bidding war or anything like that. WWE didn’t even know it was possible. I didn’t even know if it was possible. Vince said, “Well, it has to happen in WWE.” “

The final step in the process was to send Edge to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to visit 80-year-old doctor Joseph Dr Maroon, the doctor who disqualified him from medical reasons years ago. This time, Dr. Joseph Maroon authorized Edge to return to the ring.

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