Easter supermarkets line up as people shop for the first locked out holiday


Supermarket shoppers face long queues as Easter approaches.

Opening hours were changed during the holiday weekend, and many customers had to wait in turns in huge queues just to enter the store.

Supermarkets have introduced new measures in recent weeks to help shoppers stay two meters apart to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, including limiting the number of people allowed inside anytime.

Some stores have even introduced new Plexiglass screens to their checkouts to help protect workers as well as buyers.

Buyers queued in the back of the Asda store parking lot in Swansea

Buyers line up to enter Asda in Swansea on Thursday

Those hoping to shop at Asda in Swansea on Thursday were faced with a queue stretching from the main entrance to the back of the parking lot.

Mark Gamson arrived at the store just before noon and was “shocked” to see the size of the queue outside.

He said, “I was shocked. We are in a lockout and yet half of Swansea was there in the same place. I think it’s disgusting.

“We tried all day to get milk and essentials for my wife’s elderly grandparents and we couldn’t get anywhere near the store. “

Gamson, who worked at the Asda store, says former colleagues told him that people who had been queuing “for hours” should be turned back at 7:00 pm before closing at 8:00 pm.

It was a similar story to Asda in Coryton, Cardiff and Morrisons in Cardiff Bay on Good Friday, with people tweeting about the queues they faced and the issues of social distancing.

In Llanelli, many supermarket parking lots were filled with vehicles as shoppers rushed to stock up for the Easter weekend.

Zoe Matthews left his home in Llanelli at 7:50 a.m. Friday morning to return more than two and a half hours later with his errands after trying several supermarkets.

Cars at Aldi at Llanelli

She said, “I left the house and went to Asda and they were lining up at the front door at Snap Fitness.

“I went to Morrisons in Trostre instead, but they were lining up along the building and through the parking lot.

“I went to Tesco and as I entered the roundabout, the cars were saved so I came back.

“I then went to Aldi and stood in line for about 40 minutes. I just wanted to take a few things, but I didn’t come back until 10:30. “

Meanwhile, buyers traveling to M&S at Llanishen in Cardiff on Good Friday also had to wait a long time.

The queue stretched all the way down the parking lot of the commercial park.

And, at the same time, many customers turned to social media after arriving at the Tesco Extra store in Talbot Green for their Good Friday store.

A large line of carts filled the parking lot, with buyers seemingly sticking to social distancing guidelines.

Andy Baker said on Twitter that he had “stood in line for over an hour” but once inside the store, “it was not so bad.”

While Sharon Hain said, “A normal Good Friday is bad enough. This is the worst I have ever known. “


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