EastEnders viewers baffled by Dennis’ memorial after spotting an impostor


EastEnders viewers were taken aback by a memorial to Dennis Mitchell at the start of today’s show.

At the start of the episode, Ian Beale left his house to pick up a package and looked across the square.

Nervous Ian looked at a beaming Dotty, who was blackmailing him for trapping Dennis in the boat.

The camera shot focused on a photo of Dennis hanging on the railing next to a West Ham scarf.

One viewer was convinced that it was actually a picture of Janice Battersby from Coronation Street, while others suggested that it was another actor.

Ian looked across the square in front of the memorial

Is this the real Dennis?

Viewers of EastEnders went to Twitter after watching the bizarre moment.

One of them asked, “Why is there a picture of Janice Battersby at Denny’s memorial? “

“#Eastenders, did they use the picture of Denny’s former actor when he was a kid?” He was TOTALLY a different actor, “added another.

Sharon spoke about the disappearance of Dennis

Later, Dotty made a surprise appearance at dinner, which made it a very uncomfortable experience for Ian.

When Sharon admitted that she missed Dennis every single day, Dotty said she missed her “honesty.”

Looking at Ian, she said, “He wasn’t afraid to say how it is. Take real courage even if you know it will make people uncomfortable. “

Furious Ian took Dotty into the kitchen and claimed that she was not getting The Arches because she had no evidence of what he had done to Dennis.

However, insisting that it was no longer this, Dotty asked, “How can you sit there day after day and look her in the eye. It is a special type of twist. “

Will Dotty expose Ian to Sharon?

Bobby had a new trim

Did he go to a barber?

EastEnders fans were also distracted by Bobby Beale’s “coronavirus lock haircut”.

Ian Beale’s son made a lot of noise on social media after revealing his new hairstyle – some viewers asked him if he had done it himself.

A pre-show announcement revealed that the episode was filmed before the UK crashed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But that didn’t stop Bobby from being faced with comparisons to real-life guys who tried to shave their hair.

* EastEnders is broadcast on BBC One Monday at 8 p.m. and Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.


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