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Former Eagles safety and franchise legend Malcolm Jenkins is no longer a midnight green wearer, but it’s clear he still has a lot of love for his guys here in Philly.

Jenkins recently participated in a live question and answer session on Instagram with the Style fashion chain sold separately to talk about her life in fashion – and also her life in football.

At one point, an intriguing question came up: which Eagles teammate will Jenkins miss the most, out of all those he played with during his time in Philadelphia?

Unsurprisingly, Jenkins gave a fantastic response that got us all through our feelings:

It’s a lot of guys. I would obviously point to Rodney [McLeod], who was kind of like the little brother who pushes you to be great, because he always tries to compete with you. But at the same time, when it comes to me as a leader, I know I have to be on my feet because he is on his. Guys like him who push me to be better.

“I will miss Zach Ertz, someone I was fighting with every day to refine my craft.

“But then, it’s like the personalities that you will miss. Brandon Graham – I don’t know if you watched “All Or Nothing” – the guy kept talking all season long. That’s how it is, every He has energy, jokes, he smiles, and it’s like – he doesn’t even let you have a bad day. So people like that you always want to have around.

“My DB coach who is now the Lions’ D coordinator, Cory Undlin, a guy who will go to war for him any day. There are very few coaches in this league who are excellent teachers. They are good coaches, but not many of them are excellent teachers. But then also, rarely do you find a coach who really, honestly manages his room as if it were a family, cares about the men above the company, and he is one of them. It has been a pleasure for me to play with him for four or five years.

“So these are guys, but you’re going to miss the whole locker room, man. Jalen Mills is another guy, to me, he’s like my protégé who, you know, I expect great things from him this year.

Malcolm, you don’t make it easier for Eagles fans to accept that you’re playing for the Saints this year.

I knew McLeod would be included because the two seemed to be very close during their time as teammates. Ertz is an interesting answer, considering the fights they probably shared during training.

Graham makes sense because everyone who has spent time in the Eagles locker room knows how fun the veteran is. And Mills’ response is also logical, given the interaction they shared when Jenkins left Philly.

Jenkins’ response to Undlin, however, definitely surprised me. Not that he would choose to mention a coach, or that he would choose a positional coach, but how deep Jenkins went with this answer. It’s clear that Undlin had the ear and respect of the defensive leader of the Eagles, which should reassure Lions fans.

Undlin has often drawn the warmth of Eagles fans during his time at Philly for the team’s brutal inability to defend itself from big high school games, but at least it looks like it has always been on the side of the players, which is pretty cool.

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