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2020 NFL Draft: Best Analytics-Based Team Fits Top Five WR – NFL.com
4. Justin Jefferson + Eagles = +0.65 wins. My model ranks Jefferson with the highest floor among the best receivers in 2020. The main reason for this? Well, when I tracked the percentage of passes that each expander captured when at least one defender was in a 3-foot halo (to get closer to close coverage), it caught the highest pass rate ( 51.3%; think 40% are really good)). His college ability to increase his team’s probability of winning first try and touchdown catches was also the highest of the top 15 receivers. I don’t get Jefferson as a slot guy, and I don’t think Doug Pederson would either based on his playing history, but the wide LSU range reaches its optimal value from the start by serving target to Carson Wentz out of this line-up.

Matt Waldman’s RSP Twitter Vids: WR Justin Jefferson’s Feel for the Game (Starry Night) – The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
Justin Jefferson makes sense for the game. This phrase is the outdated way of describing one of the underlying traits of a football player’s work because “feeling” is considered an intangible element and intangible elements are indefinable and non-traceable information. […] Jefferson’s ability to put himself and his teammates in a position to make positive games with or without the ball is a valuable asset. When developing an assessment process, the more you can define these clever details, the easier it becomes to spot players with what we used to call “intangible assets”.

NFL Draft 2020: Can Justin Jefferson of LSU Handle the Role Outside the Slot? Potential linebacker options for the Eagles? Ask the Q&A expert – NJ.com
Sikkema: “Yes, I think Justin Jefferson is talented enough to play outside. With offensive formations that are so fluid these days, there are outside receptor roles where he can thrive. The reason I believe in this is due to the smoothness and skill of a road runner. In the slot, you have more two-way options, and Jefferson has proven to be effective in performing them. I don’t think it would stop if he ran them instead. I would not put it as an X receiver on the line of scrimmage, at least not to start. But as an offline Z, I think it would still be very successful because of its speed and precision of movement, as well as its reliable snap to contact. “

Why the wide receiver position is hard to spot and how the Eagles can try to get it right – BGN
Why does the NFL aspire to write large receivers? It was a question I was asked on Twitter the other day and it was not something I had really considered in recent years. After digging a bit, I came across an Arrowhead Pride article published in 2015, which concluded that only 58% of first-round receivers were “hit” and 42% of “busts.” This would make it the worst overall common position in terms of “busts” in the first round. The “success” rate also dropped slightly to 49% in the second round. It’s pretty scary to see as a fan of the Eagles since the Eagles are going to need instant production from at least one rookie wide receiver this year. Fortunately, this class of receivers is excellent and there are a ton of talented receivers available. Despite this, it’s a safe bet that there will almost certainly be some busts during the first two rounds of this year’s draft. So I decided to investigate why the NFL is struggling to write wide receivers and what the Eagles could do this year to help them solve this problem.

From the Bleachers # 19: Tribute to Brian Dawkins – BGN Radio
Shamus Clancy pays tribute to Eagles legend Brian Dawkins, the winner of the Eagles’ favorite fan support and his thoughts on Friday Night Lights and all that he binging during his forties… Subscribe to Shamus newsletter here : https: //www.patreon.com/shamus_clancy. Powered by SB Nation and Bleeding Green Nation.

The best scenarios for the 32 NFL teams in the 2020 NFL Draft – PFF
PHILADELPHIA EAGLES – MEET THE OBVIOUS NEEDS OF A BROAD RECEIVER IN THE FIRST ROUND. There has been no greater disappointment in the 2019 season than the Eagles’ big receivers. DeSean Jackson was injured, Alshon Jeffery had his worst season as an Eagle in terms of PFF rating, Nelson Agholor posted one of the lowest ratings at the position with 54.4 overall and JJ Arcega- Whiteside generated a poor reception rating of 53.3 on its limited representatives. The good news is that they can solve this problem in this busy draft class. Justin Jefferson is an intriguing option for Philadelphia at 21st overall. Although we are not as high on Jefferson as some, he is a solid road runner with huge ball skills and can create after capture.

NFL offseason reset: one thing we have learned so far from the 32 teams – The Athletic
Philadelphia Eagles: They still need help from Carson Wentz. If the season started tomorrow, the Eagles would field DeSean Jackson, 33, JJ Arcega-Whiteside (169 yards in 16 games last season) and Greg Ward (28 career catches) to the wide receiver. Unless there is another shoe to drop, they run the risk of needing to find WR help in the draft. Defensively, the Eagles traded a third round pick and a fifth round pick to the Lions for the Darius Slay corner. Fitzgerald said he liked the deal they gave Slay, in part because he was still playing 2020 on his previous deal and the money was at the end of the contract. “I thought Slay’s deal was pretty good,” he said. “I like the contract they made there. They basically found a way to hit the money number that would make him happy. They were getting this year in Detroit. So, from their point of view, the annual value on this is less than what Slay will consider to be that. “

Eagles 2020 NFL Draft preview: Quarterback – PhillyVoice
James Morgan, CRF (6’4, 229). Like Stanley and Montez above, Morgan has a living arm, but some accuracy issues. He likes to shoot it, but if you’re looking for pretty throw shots, forget it. Morgan is my favorite quarterback in this group, because I think he probably has the best arm, and showed impressive endurance, playing with injuries in 2019. You have it or not, and I think that the touch problems are somewhat repairable.

NFL Draft 2020: Some WRs Eagles Could Aim for Day 3 – NBCSP
Bryan Edwards, South Carolina – A four-year-old starter whose production was unspectacular but steady – between 590 and 846 yards every four years. It looks like the game at 6-3, 210 but prone to falls and a runner below average. Antonio Gibson, Memphis – After playing two years at JUCO, he had only one season as a full-time player at Memphis and only caught 38 passes, although he averaged 19.3 yards per catch and 369 yards in 33 rushing attempts, the highest in college football last year with a minimum of 30 runs. Had 12 touchdowns on just 71 touches. An intriguing long-term perspective that may have only begun to scratch the surface of its capacity.

Face to face: Carson Wentz | April 7, 2020 – PE.com
Carson Wentz sits with Dave Spadaro, an Eagles insider, to discuss what he is doing to help during the pandemic, and more.

Break the NFC East 2020 rating to make playoffs – DraftKings Nation
The Eagles improved their defense against assists, acquiring Darius Slay and Nickell Robey-Coleman, but lost Malcolm Jenkins. They lost Jordan Howard but have Miles Sanders, who should be able to continue to improve. They have a weakness at the wide receiver, but make up for it with two solid tight ends, and they will also recover DeSean Jackson this year. They improved while the Cowboys lost some key defensive players, giving the Eagles the edge before the 2020 season.

2020 NFL Draft Hopes Perfect For Today’s Game, And Their Professional Layouts – ESPN +
Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama. Why It Fits Today’s NFL: In addition to playing in a ready-made program under Nick Saban’s leadership in Alabama, McKinney showcased its versatility as multifaceted safety with features of cover, a range and the physiognomy to mix it on the front of the race. This will allow professional teams to use McKinney as a defender of the slot machines in “big nickel” bundles or to deposit him like a penny, where the first round prospect can check for tight ends, blitz or prowl in the lower areas. In addition, with McKinney’s ability to play in the position, he gives the defensive coordinators a lot of flexibility in the game plan. NFL Composition: Malcolm Jenkins, New Orleans Saints

Would the New York Giants trade for a wide receiver? – Big Blue View
Two names to watch? Justin Jefferson of LSU and Denzel Mims of Baylor. In an appearance on Thursday’s Valentine Views podcast, I mentioned this scenario to Matt Waldman of The Rookie Scouting Portfolio, one of the company’s most prominent skill position analysts. “These are two of my favorite players in this class,” said Waldman. . “I think these are very good choices if Gettleman is going to trade and use some of these assets for an impact player. […] Waldman called the 6 foot 1 inch, 202 pound Jefferson “a great player” and “probably my favorite receiver in this class”. Waldman also said that Jefferson is a “wonderfully versatile player” who is best in the slot, but has also shown the skills required to succeed outdoors.

Brandon Aiyuk would improve Terry McLaurin – Hogs Haven
According to current projections, Aiyuk climbs on and off the scoreboard before the Redskins have their second choice at the start of the third round. It’s impossible to say if his recent surgery will help or hurt his draft stock, but I tend to think of it as positive – if he had these senior year figures and solid results from Combines during injury, what is the cap of this type when he is healthy? With only 2 years at the FBS level, Aiyuk still seems to be a wide receiver under development, with a ceiling he has not yet approached. His vision and experience in the return leg also shines in his ability to chase after capture. If the Redskins are looking for a speed burner to face Terry McLaurin in the years to come, Aiyuk could absolutely be their guy.

BREAKING NEWS: Texans trade second-round pick for Brandin cooks – Battle Red Blog
The cooks slip into the WR2 spot in Houston, I think, even if we already have Will Fuller, Kenny Stills and Keke Coutee with similar skills. There’s also Randall Cobb, no matter how hard I try to forget him. […] Strategically, we would have done better to write a WR of this fantastic class with the 57th choice rather than using it to get a player out of his climax and down. I would not be surprised at all to see the 40th overall choice also being negotiated. Bill O’Brien delenda is.

A Brief History of Bill O’Brien’s Worst Decisions as Texans Head Coach and General Manager – SB Nation
Houston was ready to accept the rest of the contract and give a second-round pick to close the deal. It seems particularly bad when the Texans gave Hopkins earlier in the off-season for only a second-round pick in return. It’s even worse when you consider the recent concussion issues. He was brutally eliminated from Super Bowl 52 in February 2018 and missed two games in the 2019 season due to another concussion. Yet another reason to question trade is the $ 18 million guarantee that the Texans gave to Randall Cobb in free agency. It’s expensive for a receiver that’s now fourth on the depth table.

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