Dustin Poirier predicts Conor McGregor’s future fight against Justin Gaethje


Dustin Poirier
Image via @dustinpoirier on Instagram

UFC lightweight competitor Dustin Poirier has predicted what will happen in a future fight between Conor McGregor and Justin Gaethje.

Poirier has fought both McGregor and Gaethje in the past, so if anyone is familiar with this potential confrontation, it is him. Poirier was eliminated by McGregor in 2014 when he fought in the featherweight, but defeated Gaethje by knockout in 2018 after switching to light weight. With so much time spent in the cage with the two men, Poirier should know exactly how a fight would go between his two veterans.

Poirier often does question and answer sessions with fans on his social media and this was again the case this weekend when a fan asked him who would win a potential fight between McGregor and Gaethje. This is how Poirier responded to his Twitter.

I think McGregor wins

Poirier is currently in limbo as he was supposed to face Dan Hooker at UFC San Diego before the card was scratched due to the coronavirus outbreak. Poirier has called for a short notice fight against Tony Ferguson at UFC 249 but so far nothing has been confirmed. He remains in the game to fight on this card, which is also a massive question mark at this point despite what UFC President Dana White has said.

It is very possible that the UFC may choose to replay Poirier vs Hooker once the coronavirus crisis has been resolved, but with so many moving parts in the lightweight division, it is possible that the promotion matchmakers could break the fight and create a new match. As for McGregor against Gaethje, it is not known when or if this fight can take place, but it is definitely a possibility once the UFC is ready to resume its schedule safely.

Do you agree with Dustin Poirier that Conor McGregor would beat Justin Gaethje?


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