Durham, NC, publishes COVID-19 cases by postal code



New information released by County Durham shows how many people in each postal code tested positive for COVID-19.

Reports show that postal code 27705, which is a central section of western Durham County and includes two of the county’s three nursing homes, has the most cases, followed by postal code 27704.

The county also provided data showing the number of cases as a percentage of the population of each postal code.

County Durham reported five new cases and another death on Saturday evening. County Durham has recorded a total of 546 COVID-19 cases and 11 related deaths.

Breaking down cases by postal code could inform the public of all communities that have been particularly affected by the virus. Some counties, such as Mecklenburg and the Union, publish the data while others, including Wake and Orange, do not. Orange cited patient confidentiality by limiting the information it discloses. The State Department of Health and Human Services does not include a zip code in its statewide updates, unlike its counterpart in South Carolina.

The Durham postal code information released on Friday shows:

The postal code 27705 had between 70 and 165 cases.

Postal code 27705 includes the Durham Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at 411 South LaSalle St., which had 111 cases reported on Saturday evening. The establishment is authorized for 126 beds.

The VA Healthcare System Community Nursing Home, which is also zip code 27705 at 508 Fulton St., has four positive cases.

Postal code 27704 had 55 to 69 cases.

Postal codes 27703, 27707, 27709, 27712 and 27713 had 18 to 55 cases.

Postal code 27712 includes Treyburn Rehabilitation Center, located at 2059 Torredge Road. The establishment is approved for 132 beds and has 43 cases of COVID-19 on Saturday evening.

Postal codes 27701 and 27560 consisted of five to 17 cases.

Postal codes 27278, 27503, 27509, 27517, 27572, 27583 and 27613 had fewer than four cash registers.

County Durham released the postcode information Friday night, along with other charts that illustrate the progression of COVID-19 cases in the county.

The new information follows cases of County Durham exceeding 500 on Friday.

Elsewhere in the triangle:

Wake County

Wake County reported 651 cases on Saturday, up from 644 on Friday, according to the county.

A total of 13 deaths were reported, one more than on Friday.

Orange County

Orange County has identified 209 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 10 related deaths on Saturday, according to the State Department of Health and Human Services. The numbers have increased by 21 cases and two deaths from the figures reported by Orange County on Friday.

Johnston County

Until Saturday evening, Johnston County reported 130 confirmed cases and 11 deaths.

If you are a resident or know a resident of the Durham Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, please contact reporter Virginia Bridges at [email protected] or 919-564-9330.


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