Dundee Tried to Vote, Says SPFL as Rangers Dispute Continues


Dundee CEO John Nelms signed a ballot that rejected the proposal

SPFL said it received a ballot from Dundee on its ballot to reduce the lower leagues, but only after the club sent an email saying that its vote should not be considered cast.

A slip signed by club general manager John Nelms rejecting the proposal was seen.

And in a letter to SPFL president Murdoch MacLennan in discussions with Dundee, the club’s “unequivocal” view was that they had not yet voted.

They have 28 days to vote.

MacLennan says the league wants to correct the “misinformation” that “harms” Scottish football.

He said: “It has been suggested that all of the Ladbrokes Championship club votes were cast on Friday evening.

“A Ladbrokes championship club attempted to submit a ballot, which did not reach SPFL until late in the evening. Earlier, at 6 p.m. Friday, this club had confirmed in writing to the SPFL that any attempt to vote by this club should not be considered. as molded.

“We had a number of conversations with the president of this club over the weekend, during which he reiterated that his club had not yet passed the SPFL resolution.”

SPFL also reiterated its call to the Rangers to produce evidence that they believe calls into question the management of the ballot by the league body.

The Ibrox club wants FBCL CEO Neil Doncaster and legal counsel Rod McKenzie to be removed while an investigation is underway.

MacLennan says he has written to Rangers interim president Douglas Park asking for proof of their allegations, but has yet to receive a response.

He added: “It is difficult to understand why Mr. Park does not wish to share this alleged material with me.

“I am fully convinced, on the basis of all the information available to me, that the FBCL and its officers and legal advisers have acted completely correctly at all stages of this process. “

The league has reiterated its position that cash prizes cannot be distributed without confirmation of the final ranking, which some clubs dispute.

The Rangers, supported by Hearts and Inverness Caledonian Thistle, have tabled their own resolution requesting that funds be sent to all clubs but without declaring the leagues. However, this was dismissed as “ineffective” on Friday by the FBCL board of directors.

This led to a reprimand from the club, which said it had “asked the SPFL executive for help several times” before submitting its proposal.

But the league contests this and has criticized Rangers general manager Stewart Robertson, who sits on the board, saying he was “pleased” with the discussion of their proposal at the time.

Loans already in power at SFPL, Rangers say

Now, the Rangers say their resolution was never to release end-of-season payments, but to get loans from the FBCL as advances for these funds.

And the club said it learned from FBCL legal counsel Rod McKenzie by email that if it did, their resolution was unnecessary because the league already had the power to lend money to members.

The spokesman added: “Inverness CEO Scot Gardiner confirmed on national radio yesterday that representatives of the FBCL made it clear on several conference calls that it was necessary to approve the resolution of the SPFL in order to release funds which would relieve the financial difficulties encountered by many clubs.

“Member clubs will be shocked to learn that this is not the case and any club facing short-term financial difficulties should apply for a loan from the FBCL immediately.

“Our resolution was never intended to release end-of-season fee payments, but rather to provide loans as an advance on those payments. It is now obvious that this is already in the power of the FBCL.

“This provides further evidence that an independent investigation is urgent. “


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