Dundee set to say YES to FBCL survival plan as John Nelms approaches shock


Dundee is poised to free Scottish football from the deadlock of the coronavirus by finally supporting the controversial FBCL survival plan.

The Dens Park club on Friday night left the fate of the football season on hold when it failed to register a vote before 5 p.m. on a proposal to end the season.

The move sparked a furious reaction, after the clubs struck down refused the urgent distribution of cash prizes – cash allegedly deposited this morning.

But he also maintained the proposed emergency measures, as Dundee chief executive John Nelms was initially to reject the resolution and could have completely upset it until a dramatic dramatic change on Friday afternoon.

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Coronavirus takes Scottish football

If Nelms had pursued his intention, the proposals – which would see Dundee United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers crowned champions with Partick Thistle and Stranraer relegated, as well as the possibility of Celtic being named Premiership champion and Hearts demoted – the league plan would be were blocked by a single vote.

But Monday night, Nelms was on the verge of completing a turnaround by supporting the league plan.

A close source said, “John has been thinking a lot over the past few days because there are parts of the proposition that he still finds it difficult to accept because they are inherently unjust.

“But, at the same time, he also realizes that there is no easy or completely fair solution to the problems that Covid-19 created. He also knows that 85% of clubs have voted for these measures and that some of them are in urgent need of the financial assistance this plan would provide.

“The belief and expectation is now that he will effectively record Dundee’s vote and that he will support the proposals of the FBCL even if he is clearly grappling with various aspects. “

Sport Record revealed on Monday that the FBCL board of directors is planning urgent talks to develop a new crisis plan, but those talks have been put on hold to give Dundee more time to deliberate with some on the sixth floor of Hampden, hoping that Nelms would go to the polls before the offices close. .

That did not happen last night, but our source said, “Everything points to the Dundee vote coming soon and when or if it is, then at least the match in this country will be clarified. “

According to the proposals, the championship, league one and league two will end with immediate effect with a decision to stop the Premier League which is expected to follow towards the end of this month, when UEFA is expected to ease previous demands for the set of the current head flight from Europe. campaigns to play until the end.


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