DualSense gamepad for PS5 controller revealed with haptic feedback and microphone


PS5 DualSense controller
DualSense – the PlayStation 5 controller is not the DualShock 5 (photo: Sony)

Sony introduced the first PlayStation 5-related hardware, and the new joypad doesn’t look like anyone expected.

Completely unannounced, the PlayStation blog revealed the first images and information for the PlayStation 5 controller … and it’s not the DualShock 5.

As you can see from the photos, this is the most radical redesign of a PlayStation controller since the PS1 era and although the basic layout is the same as always, the handles seem more similar to the Xbox controller, with a very different design.

It’s not just a visual overhaul either, as the DualSense has new haptic feedback features that aim to deliver a new generation of force feedback and rumble by simulating things like the feedback you would get on a steering wheel. drive a car in the mud.

Does the light bar shine under the touchpad? We can’t say (photo: Sony)

The L2 and R2 shoulder buttons have adaptive triggers, which will also add more feedback to the controls, Sony using the example of feeling the tension in the chain when you fire a virtual bow and arrow.

Other changes include transforming the “Share” button into the “Create” button, although Sony has yet to explain exactly what that means.

DualSense also has a built-in microphone network, so you can chat with friends without a headset – and wonder if Sony is secretly listening to you when you’re alone.

The cursed light bar is also back, but this time it doesn’t seem to be in the back of the controller, only in the front.

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The most immediately striking thing about the controller is the redesign and the two-tone color scheme, which will likely match everything the console looks like.

When it is revealed is a mystery, but if it is something, it will be random, without warning.

Or rather, it will likely be while Microsoft is doing something they announced in advance. The DualSense was revealed at exactly the same time as the first Inside Xbox show of the year, and even though Microsoft was only talking about Grounded and some indie games that still seem in bad shape from Sony.

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