Drivers in France “should get reimbursed for Covid insurance”


The association said that many people in France had used their cars much less than normal during childbirth – except for an occasional trip to buy food. This has led to fewer drivers on the road and, as a result, far fewer traffic accidents, the association said.

Insurance companies should therefore reimburse policyholders to account for the change, he said.

The association calls on companies to retrospectively reimburse customers for the period since the internment began on March 17. That would amount to 2.2 billion euros, according to their calculations – the equivalent of € 50 per car and € 29 per motorcycle.

The group also calculated that serious injury traffic accidents had dropped 91% in the past six weeks of detention.

Matthieu Robin, from UFC-Que Choisir, told the news service FranceInfo: “Today’s consumers are really facing a budgetary crisis, and in this context, it is necessary to review the cost of insurance policies.”

The call comes as some motorists report that their insurance premiums have actually increased this year, despite the current decline in accidents.

Thibaut Frézal, insured driver in Ile-de-France whose bill has increased by € 200 this year, said: They said to me: “Well, you live in Ile-de-France, where there are many vehicle thefts at the moment, so we are forced to increase the prices of insurance policies”.

Some insurance companies – including Matmut and MAIF (French Teachers’ Insurance Mutual) – have already offered certain reimbursements to drivers who have been unable to use their cars.

MAIF offered some insureds a reimbursement of € 30 per vehicle, or asked them if they wanted to donate the same amount (at no additional cost) to associations working with health personnel.

Eligible policyholders should have received a letter explaining the conditions.

So far, the insurance group The French Federation of Insurers did not respond to the UFC-Que Choisir campaign.


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