“Draymond’s green tour is over”: NBA leaders advise GSW on potential business options


This season has been rather unfortunate for the Golden State Warriors. Free agencies and injuries have hit the main contributors on the list. As a result, the Warriors seemed to slide very quickly up the ladder. Now, while the NBA remains suspended, opinions on how the team can be resurrected are on the rise, mainly centered on Draymond Green.

Should GSW move Draymond Green?

According to Rich bucher from the Bleacher Report, NBA leaders have their take on the moves the Golden State Warriors should consider if the league starts next season.

The core of the Golden State Warriors is pretty solid. They have the Splash Brothers – Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and the latter, Andrew Wiggins. From Bucher’s article, it is clear that officials believe that GSW should trade Draymond Green. An Eastern Conference source told Bucher: “He’s 30, he’s going to make a lot of money and his mouth keeps moving.

Draymond Green

East GM deduced that warriors “Could probably get another lottery choice” for Green.

Contrary to previous comments, another vice president believes that Green’s strengths as a leader and a presence in the locker room remain too precious to be lost. What makes it more important is the talented but unruly addition to the list called Wiggins.

A Western Conference leader explained: “Draymond is not going to allow him (Wiggins) to withdraw the games, and that is invaluable. When Wiggins is your fourth best player on a team with league experience, it’s a great situation. He’s super talented, but he has no idea how to play. He learns. He needed to play with guys who can play. “

Andrew Wiggins

Officials who believe that green trading is the best solution for GSW may overlook some facts. He is responsible for the absence of the Splash Brothers. In addition, the Warriors gave Green a four-year extension of $ 99.7 million last September.

Green, 30, averages 8.0 points, 6.2 rebounds and 6.2 assists for shots below 40% from the field. The assumption that the Golden State could receive a lottery choice in return makes no sense, especially since Green is known as a hothead around the NBA.

The Golden State Warriors seem to be in rather conflicting thoughts. They must make the right decision to be at least among the top five next season, if not the title contenders. Or the golden era could win, even with such a strong core.


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