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Drake’s “Toosie Slide” is literally just Michael Jackson Moonwalk Instructions


Drake really made a hit song by showing us all how to do Michael Jackson’s moonwalk on “Toosie Slide”.

When Drake wrote the inevitable single “Toosie Slide,” he didn’t have his now viral dance moves in mind. In fact, he was working with a completely different choreographic routine in his head.

Jumping on Instagram Live last night and previewing a ton of new music, including songs with Playboi Carti, Popcaan, Fivio Foreign, and more, Drake also explained the origins of his new single “Toosie Slide”. Apparently, he was setting out the instructions for a famous Michael Jackson dance.

“When I did this song for the first time, I was only talking about the Moonwalk,” said Drake. “That’s why I said to myself” left foot raised, right foot slipped “but Toosie did the dancing for that. The shit is breaking out now. I didn’t know it was going to be a dance song like that. That’s what it is, we’re just having fun. To warm up. “

Given the fact that he refers to the king of pop several lines after his instructions, it makes perfect sense that the song actually talks about the Moonwalk.

Do you think Drake will ever overtake Michael Jackson in his musical status? Has he already done so?

Hear all the songs the Toronto native previewed last night and read his explanations below.


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