Drag Race winner The Vivienne explains why the new TV show was the hardest thing she has ever done


La Vivienne, the very first winner of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK, landed her own BBC Three show called Vivienne Takes Hollywood.

The 27-year-old describes him as a “fake light documentary” charting the ups and downs of his Hollywood success among the stars.

In each episode, she is coached by well-known Hollywood characters – vocal coaches, theater gurus, Hollywood producers, choreographers, casting directors.

All of them offer La Vivienne their best advice for success in Hollywood and give her a glimpse of Hollywood’s original womb.

La Vivienne was the first winner of the Drag Race UK

Guests include award-winning singer Tony Marissa Jaret Winokur, motivational comedian and speaker Daniel Franzese, Hollywood legend Bruce Vilanch, world-renowned choreographer Mark Kanemura and local drag expert Chester Lockhart.

She also received advice from another Drag Race star, Chad Michaels, her “drag idol” who even played at her wedding.

And despite the fact that Drag Race is dubbed “the Olympic Drag Games,” Vivienne said her new show was “the hardest thing she has ever done.”

“Television is very hard,” she said.

She explained that many people looking for celebrities end up waiting for tables in Hollywood

“I got up at dawn, in different places, in a trail before the sun even rose, having to constantly think without asking you. It was hard! “

She explained the idea behind the show, an ironic documentary depicting Vivienne trying to make her a Hollywood star.

” People think [Hollywood] is all glitter and glamor, but in fact it’s pretty rough and ready, it’s hard work and you will probably end up working in a restaurant or waiting tables for a long time before you can even approach a star “, She said.

But Viv managed to get close to huge stars, and she explained, “From the perspective of a little drag queen from Liverpool, who was going to work with people like Danny Franzese who was in Mean Girls, it was really crazy to be in the same room not to mention helping me.

“And Bruce Vilanch, he wrote for Cher and Bette Midler and Liz Taylor, hearing his stories I thought,” Oh my god, this is just crazy “. “

She added: “Everyone has their own story to tell and advice to give, advice for me to put in my arsenal to become a star.

“Does it happen?” You will have to wait and see! ” she laughs.

Vivienne receives voice training from Broadway star Marissa Jaret Winokur – who has a secret

Vivienne also discussed the challenges of being a freelance artist during the coronavirus pandemic and the lockout.

“You go from a complete journal, and now things have been rescheduled until God knows when. “

“But I’m really lucky by the minute, coming out of Drag Race, I’m full since episode one, so I’ve been fortunate enough to fill my bank enough to live for now. “

“It’s the local queens who work in the bars and they don’t know when they will reopen.

La Vivienne revealed that the biggest lesson she had learned was “Television is difficult!” “

“So it’s great to see that they are turning to online shows, things like that. I’m not going to post anything that is paid per minute, so it’s great to be able to broadcast my show for free on BBC Three.

“I’m so glad I still have content to stream so people can enjoy it. “

She also expressed her sympathy for the candidates of the current series of Drag Race USA, whose favorite candidate and good friend is Heidi N Closet.

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“These poor girls were finally able to realize their dreams, and it’s stalled,” said Vivienne.

“But we’re going to get through and they will have a great career, whatever happens. “

* The Vivienne Takes On Hollywood arrives Thursday April 9 on BBC Three with new episodes every Thursday


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