Dr. Hilary surprises Piers Morgan with the survival rate of “stark” coronaviruses in hospitals


Dr. Hilary Jones left Piers Morgan stunned after delivering a “tough” survival rate for coronaviruses in hospitals.

Piers pointed out Good Morning Britain: “It is very important to talk a lot about the death toll – and rightly so because people have lost their lives in large numbers.

“What is the survival rate? People say we don’t see a lot of people coming out of the hospital. What is the reality, in hospitals for example? “

Dr. Hilary replied, “Okay, that will shock some people, but currently among the people most severely affected by coronavirus and admitted to hospital, half of them will recover and get out but 30% will lose their life and the remaining 20% ​​are still hospital.

“So it is striking and these figures have been compared to the death rate from Ebola, one of the most feared infections in the world in recent years.

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“This is why we have to take this very seriously. “

Susanna Reid intervened to “get an extra perspective” on the numbers.

She said, “What percentage of people who have lust end up in the hospital? Because when we talk about survival rates, as you say, it is a grim and utterly tragic number.

“But overall, among the general population, lust will be something you may not even know you had and most people, presumably, are recovering. “

Dr. Hilary agreed and said it was “very important to reiterate” this fact.

* Good Morning Britain aired weekdays at 6 a.m.


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