Dr. Alex George of Love Island pleads with fans to keep a place where he is forced to leave the apartment


Former Love Island competitor Dr. Alex George has argued with his supporters for a place to stay.

The 30-year-old NHS front-line worker revealed that his current lease on his home near his workplace in a London hospital has almost expired.

Speaking to social media, Alex made a sincere call for help as he did his best to fight the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

On his Instagram story, Alex wrote: “I have to move from where I am staying due to the expiration of the rental period.

“Does anyone have a place I could rent short term for next month?

“You need to be in central / south / southwest London to be close to A&E. Thank you. “

Dr. Alex George reveals his plight to his fans

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The doctor also revealed that he was staying alone in Amelia’s apartment to protect her loved ones.

He went on to explain, “I have been alone, so there is no risk of infecting friends and family.”

Of course, Alex’s heroic work has not gone unnoticed by Amelia, with whom he has been dating since 2018.

He clarified the situation on Instagram

She wrote on Instagram last week: “I am so proud of him and I am infinitely grateful to all the NHS staff and key workers who work tirelessly during such uncertain times. “

Alex appeared on Good Morning Britain today to speak to hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid directly from the front lines.

He revealed his work at his Lewisham hospital: “You prepare for combat emotionally and physically.

“You go into an A&E and see difficult situations. You see people dying from coronavirus, and it’s very difficult. “

Alex appeared on Good Morning Britain today to discuss the pandemic

Alex continued, “I think whoever says they are not concerned is not completely open. “

He also admitted that one of the most difficult parts of the hob was keeping loved ones away from patients with coronavirus.

“We are not able to let patients see their families even if they are really very sick in A&E, which is very difficult, because it is our natural instinct to want to comfort the family, comfort the patients and make these situations as comfortable as possible, ”he explained.

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“We are not able to do it the way we want, which is heartbreaking. “

We are eternally grateful for the hard work Alex and other frontline workers do!

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