Downing Street May Expand List of Coronavirus Tests Towards Target Deadline


Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has said that Downing Street must obtain “a new order of government” to deal with the various challenges posed by the coronavirus before it begins to lift the lock.

The controversial former Labor Party leader said that ministers should take charge of the various components of the exit strategy, such as mass testing and tracing, combined with external advisers. “You have to have the right person responsible,” he said.

Although he said that “this level of repression” should continue until medical and scientific advice is clear that the worst is over, changes must be made now.

“In normal governments, you have different ministries … [but] today the whole government is Covid-19, and its many facets, “he said.

The appointment of Lord Deighton as the so-called EPP Tzar “indeed establishes the recognition that this is what you need, but you need it in many different areas”.

For example, Blair said he “cannot see out of this lock anyway, unless you’re doing mass testing “that would require a”a logistical and massive supply exercise… almost like a ministry. “

He added, “We know enough about it to know that the severity is such that you cannot take a risk and let it run for the people.” “

Blair told Sky News he wanted to be “constructive” with his advice, but urged the government to act quickly, noting that “the economic and health damage is so severe that we must do everything now to to make sure that we can facilitate locking while being responsible for the disease. “


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