Doug Ford denounces “reckless” protesters rallying for COVID-19 measures


Ontario Premier Doug Ford Chucked His Wits By Calling Dozens Of People “Irresponsible, Reckless And Selfish” To Protest Ontario’s COVID-19 Emergency Measures Outside Queen’s Park in Toronto on Saturday.

Images posted online have shown that the protesters were breaking Ontario’s social isolation rules, which means keeping at least two meters away and avoiding the crowd while they are demonstrating.

“We have a bunch of yahoos outside Queen’s Park sitting to protest that the place is not open because they are breaking the law,” said visibly angry Ford when addressing the media during his briefing daily.


A protester holds a sign during a demonstration to end the shutdown due to COVID-19 at Queen’s Park in Toronto on Saturday.

Videos shared on social media showed the group of one hundred people chanting slogans outside the Ontario Legislative Building and calling for an end to the province’s closure. non-core businesses in response to the new coronavirus.

Some have placards claiming the virus is a hoax, despite the fact that more than 200,000 people have died worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University.


Protesters gather at a protest to end the shutdown due to COVID-19 at Queen’s Park in Toronto on Saturday.

Ontario has banned meetings of more than five people as part of its efforts to control the spread of COVID-19.

“We have health workers down the street in these hospitals who work around the clock to protect the community and 99.9% of the people in this province work side by side, which is why we can see a flattening of the curve, “said Ford.

” [The protesters] put everyone in danger, put themselves in danger, put workers in danger and God forbid, one of them ends up in the hospital down the street. “


Premier Doug Ford responds to a question in his daily update regarding COVID-19 at Queen’s Park in Toronto on Saturday.

The Prime Minister also said he hoped Toronto police would distribute tickets to the group. There is currently a fine of $ 880 in Toronto for not staying at least two meters from people outside your home.

“They make us go back several months … Obviously, they don’t care about everyone,” Ford told reporters.

He also announced that front-line workers fighting COVID-19 will receive an hourly increase of $ 4 for the next four months, plus a bonus of $ 250 each month, they work more than 100 hours.

“This is our way of thanking you,” said the Prime Minister.

According to the provincial government, approximately 350,000 workers will be eligible for this money.

“For these heroes, getting up every day, getting back into combat, returning to the front lines, has a very attractive price. This comes with personal sacrifice. Nevertheless, these brave men and women show up every day, ”said Ford.

“They are doing this to monitor us and as Prime Minister it is my job to monitor them. “

The Prime Minister has declared that the premium would be eligible for workers in long-term care homes, retirement homes, emergency shelters, supportive housing, social service assembly services, correctional facilities and youth justice facilities, home and community care providers and hospital staff.

By Saturday afternoon, the new coronavirus had infected 13,995 Ontarians and killed 811 people in the province.

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