Doublelift reveals its time on Team Liquid and its transition to TSM in the latest vlog


North America League of Legends community still buzzing after TSM confirmed Doublelift is back to its starting line-up for LCS Summer Split 2020. The 26-year-old veteran ended up clarifying the situation in a vlog, explaining what led to the trade and the controversy surrounding his decision.

The talented ADC explained the situation earlier this year, when Liquid decided to replace veteran jungler Xmithie for former jungler Fnatic Broxah. When the team bounced out of the 2019 Worlds, he told management that he wanted to stick to the same list for 2020.

Later in the video, he pointed out that in the past four years with Liquid, he had never been the only one asking for list changes and that he had always believed that his teammates could reverse a bad season.

Doublelift says he was the only one on the list who wanted to keep Xmithie because he believed the experienced jungler had provided excellent communication and decision making. He also mentioned that although their synergy in the middle of the jungle was lacking at the Worlds, Xmithie was not the only one to blame.

Photo via Riot Games

As for his bench, Doublelift recognized that his behavior and his mentality during the season were unacceptable. But he also revealed that throughout the season, many of his teammates had given negative comments about his game and his behavior to the coaches. And, according to the ADC star, none of these comments were said to Doublelift before his bench.

“You’re giving people feedback so they can change their behavior, but you’re not asking people to change their behavior,” said Doublelift. “I’m not really sure what happened there. I thought it was really strange, [and] I felt a little blinded by the whole situation. “

After being reinstated in training, Doublelift explained how the team told him to change the way he shot. As a result, he withheld many of his opinions because he was “afraid of losing [his] work again. “

In the end, Liquid CEO Steve Arhancet and Doublelift had multiple discussions about the future of the team, where the possibility of a trade began to flourish. Doublelift gave a “short list” of teams, and TSM was one of the organizations named.

Doublelift also touched on all the controversy surrounding his relationship with TSM President Leena Xu. Although many people have said that their relationship is a conflict of interest, Doublelift says it is in fact “an alignment of interests.”

“If Leena was not on TSM, should I join TSM? Absolutely, yes, ”said Doublelift. “I joined because the list is really good, because the organization is super excited and my past relationships with Bjergsen and Bio. I think if you take it off [Leena] according to the equation, my decision making would be exactly the same. “

With Doublelift now confirmed to play for TSM’s next division, fans will see if this iteration of the team can live up to the huge hype it will have as the new season approaches.


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