Don’t make unnecessary trips, police say | Barnstaple, Bideford and Ilfracombe News | North Devon Gazette


Officers say the express purpose is to slow the slowdown in the spread of coronaviruses, protect the NHS, and ultimately save lives.

The advice is:

Stay at home

Only go outside for food, health or work reasons (but only if you cannot work at home)

If you go outside, stay two meters (6 feet) away from other people at all times.

Wash your hands as soon as you get home.

Do not meet other people, even friends or family. You can spread the virus even if you have no symptoms.

A police spokesperson said, “Devon and Cornwall police officers, all other blue light and health services, and key workers are doing incredible work in keeping the public safe, but we ask you to consider that increasing the population of our area will make an unreasonable decision burden on them.

“The increase in the number of people in a given area will also make it more difficult to observe vital social distancing.

“Devon and Cornwall, our Force region which contains many popular beauty spots and beaches, will always be there when the coronavirus outbreak is contained, so please #comebacklater

“To keep everyone safe this weekend and the following day, Devon and Cornwall police will continue to chat with the public about whether their trip is necessary and reasonable and will encourage them to choose differently for their well-being and that of others. “The application is a last resort and, so far, no sanctions have been imposed under current conditions.

“The public will see a highly visible police presence both in vehicles and on foot patrols, proactively monitoring areas where people can be placed in danger by not following government advice on movement and distance social.

“These zones include the main arteries in the force zone, including service and rest zones, secondary roads leading to concentrated secondary residence zones, commercial premises and industrial sites, beauty sites and beaches popular aforementioned, as well as in urban areas where young people may be tempted. gather and where anti-social behavior could be a problem.

“The agents will check the vehicles, but not the delivered vehicles such as those working for highway services, public service distribution networks or food and medical distribution.

“It is to verify whether the trip undertaken is reasonable to support the objective of the council of government to protect the NHS and save lives and, as has been said, to engage, explain and encourage .

“Devon and Cornwall police have a complete and constantly updated set of frequently asked questions about the coronavirus and the Force’s response, as well as other essential information, on their website: www.devon-cornwall.


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