Don’t ignore other health problems


Some people would avoid contact with doctors, including necessary medical appointments, due to the Covid-19 crisis, said Health Minister Olivier Véran, but this will only create more problems.

He said in a speech, “It is important that hospitals are able to respond to epidemics while treating people with chronic illnesses.

“I would like to take this opportunity to remind anyone who needs essential health care not related to the coronavirus to contact their doctor and the necessary hospital, so as not to delay treatment where it could harm them. reason for a stop.

“I’ve heard that people don’t undergo pregnancy checkups, don’t have cancer scans or delay immunization of children.

“I ask everyone to get in touch with your doctors to make sure these essential types of care take place – remotely when possible.”

“Patients should not give up healthcare as it could have very serious consequences

“So keep consulting your GP and your specialists. “

He said that in many cases, “teleconsulation,” that is, via a webcam or even a phone call, may suffice.

“But if you need a cancer test, do it, if you need to vaccinate your child, do it, if you have diabetes or any other chronic illness and need follow-up, do it “, did he declare.

the exit certificate the forms allow you to go out for necessary medical care, he says, and especially if you have a long-term assignment (ALD).



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