Doncaster NHS staff signs up as a volunteer at Yorkshire’s Nightingale Hospital


Eight nurses and several nurses from Rotherham Doncaster and the South Humber NHS Foundation Trust volunteer to work at Harringate Nightingale Hospital, which was established during the coronavirus pandemic.

Based at the Harrogate Convention Center, it was officially opened last week by Captain Tom Moore, the 99-year-old war veteran who has raised more than £ 27 million for the NHS.

It provides some 500 beds for coronavirus patients and is one of seven Nightingale hospitals to be established in the country as part of a massive NHS effort to fight COVID-19.

Doncaster staff travel to Harrogate to assist. Copyright: JPIMedia

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Dr. Graeme Tosh, Deputy Medical Director at RDaSH, who provides mental health, learning and community services, is one of two psychiatrists organizing mental health support at Harrogate Hospital to support patients and the staff.

A number of RDaSH doctors have also said that they would be happy to work at Nightingale to support patients with their mental health needs, including the medical director, Dr Nav Ahluwalia.

The nurses who go to Harrogate are nursery nurses Joanne Rimmington, Maria Rodgers and Jane Whaley, health visitors Joanne Bailey, Caroline McNeil and Amy Strelczenie from the Doncaster Health visiting team, the nurse from Mike Bell School and Julie Statham, community psychiatric nurse at RDaSH’s Older People’s Mental Health Service.

The eight generally work at Doncaster. Five are qualified nurses and three staff will work as health assistants.


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