Dominic Cummings collapsed and was in bed for 10 days after contracting a coronavirus, reveals wife


Dominic Cummings collapsed and was in bed for 10 days after contracting a coronavirus, reveals wife

Dominic Cummings caught Covid-19 around the same time as Boris Johnson.

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Dominic Cummings collapsed and was confined to bed for 10 days with severe shortness of breath after contracting the coronavirus, his wife said.

Boris Johnson’s chief counselor contracted the deadly disease around the same time as the Prime Minister, but it was unclear how badly he had been affected.

In The Spectator, Mary Wakefield said that her husband should have been hospitalized when his symptoms worsened.

She said that Mr. Cummings “rushed home” when she first showed signs of having contracted the virus.

“He is an extremely nice man, whatever people think otherwise,” she wrote. “But 24 hours later, he said” I feel weird “and collapsed.

“I felt breathless, sometimes sore, but Dom couldn’t get out of bed. Day after day, for 10 days, he lengthened the doggo with a high fever and spasms that made his legs creak and contract. He could breathe, but only in a limited and shallow way. “

After a week, Wakefield said those affected had reached “maximum uncertainty of the crown.”

She added, “I was told: this is when you get better or when you go to intensive care. But was Dom fighting the virus or was he heading for a fan? Who knew?

“I sat on her bed looking at her chest, trying to count her breaths per minute.

“The little oxygen meter we bought from Amazon said he should be in the hospital, but his lips weren’t blue and he could speak in full sentences, such as:” Please , stop looking at my chest, honey. ” “

Mr. Cummings finally returned to work last week, while Mr. Johnson continues to recover at Checkers.

In a short article accompanying his wife’s, Mr. Cummings described his family environment as “sticky” as the couple fought the disease while trying to care for their four-year-old son Ceddy.

“Everything is covered with a layer of spilled Ribena, honey, peanut butter and school glue,” he wrote.

“I have to talk a lot more at work than I want to – I like calm. Being locked out of Mary means I think I talk all day and Mary thinks she’s hungry for conversation.

“But I love to listen to her and our four year old child. They squabble like an old married couple and discuss what the birds think. “


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