Dolphins eyeball back in the project


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At a time when the Dolphins are hoping to get their first franchise quarterback since Dan Marino, they also seem determined to find their first runaway horse since Ricky Williams. Or at least someone who can partner with Jordan Howard to create a solid racing game.

Barry Jackson from Miami herald explains that the dolphins were linked to several high-level tailgates in the weeks preceding the project. They managed to get JK Dobbins, a Ohio state backstop, to the team’s facilities before the league interrupted pre-design visits. And running back coach Eric Studesville took running back Jonathan Taylor from Wisconsin before the world of football and the rest of the world closed.

Jackson also reports that an unidentified Dolphins official has told people how much the team love Georgia’s return to Andre Swift, and that the team planned to have him come for a visit before the end of the visits . The Dolphins were also planning to bring Cam Akers back to the state of Florida and contacted him under pandemic tele / video conferencing rules.

The Dolphins have 14 choices in the seven-round draft, including three in the first round and two in the second.


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