Does Michael Jordan play defense in “The Last Dance”? – Jimmys Post


The series eventually reviews some of the less flavorful aspects of Jordan’s legacy. But even then, he and many of his supporters have enough time and space to explain them, or paint them in a more favorable light, such as Jordan’s bullying of Jerry Krause, the Bulls’s general manager, about which Jordan made cracks about his weight.

When his teammates are portrayed in unflattering situations, including drug use, Jordan and the documentary team make it clear that he has remained clear. Like Jordan says, he didn’t go to clubs. He did not smoke or drink (at the time, he notes, although a glass of what appears to be bourbon is next to him in some interviews).

“I was just looking to rest, get up and play,” says Jordan. In other words, you should be like Mike.

It’s by design. The documentary is a product for Jordan. And Jordan doesn’t tie his mark to something that doesn’t personally benefit him.

He said it himself.

“Because you can always put your name on something, but most of the things I do – pretty much all the things I do – are very authentic in terms of my involvement,” he told Cigar Aficionado in 2017, after giving the documentary the green light. “I don’t just want to lend my name to a product. Because at the end of the day, this product will always represent my DNA. So I like to have some interest, I like to have a contribution, I like to have some participation. There is nothing that comes out with my name on it that we do not monitor, we do not process. ”


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