Does Donald Trump Pardon Joe Exotic From Tiger King from Netflix?


America’s new television obsession is Netflix’s wild and crazy docuseries Tiger king, a fascinating story of big cats and bigger ego (to say the least).

Rather, uh, surprisingly, docuseries actually arose during today’s White House briefing.

Yes, president Donald trump was asked about Tiger king during the briefing of the coronavirus working group.

New york post journalist Steven Nelson asked the president, “One of the biggest successes of the coronavirus – outside of these briefings – was a show on Netflix called Tiger King. The man who starred in this, the former owner of a zoo serving 22 years in prison, begs your pardon. “

Nelson asked POTUS if he had seen Tiger king and if he has any thoughts on forgiveness Joe Exotic

The president said he was unaware of the case and asked why Exotic was in prison. Nelson said he had been convicted on several counts, including murder for the benefit of others.

You can watch above, and again, yes, it actually happened, via Fox News.

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