Does Carter Hart deserve to be part of this NHL goaltender group?


In 2018-2019, Carter Hart proved himself at the NHL level, bringing relevance to a season that desperately needed it.

In 2019-2020, he established himself as a No. 1 goalkeeper and solidified his future status as a Flyer between the pipes.

All at the age of 21. Not bad.

This season, Hart has the eighth best NHL all-time average at 2.42, better than guys like Andrei Vasilevskiy (2.56) and Jordan Binnington (2.56).

At 24-13-3, he has more wins than guys like Sergei Bobrovsky (24) and Ben Bishop (21).

And at Philly, he was the Flyers’ top seller of tickets, 20-3-2 with a goals-against-average of 1.63 and a save percentage of .943 at home.

On Wednesday, the NHL on the NBC Sports Twitter account put Hart in good company, raising a funny question.

Given his age and his game this season, Hart deserves to be named one of the best goalies in the league. Something he hasn’t done yet compared to the other three guards? Take the net in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

He has time.

“I was really excited to play a hopeful playoff game this year,” Hart said Thursday in a conference call. “It is the dream of all children to play in the Stanley Cup playoffs. I hope we will have that chance again, depending on the circumstances here. “

Hart’s development has helped make 2019-2020 a fun season for the Flyers. As the coronavirus epidemic put the NHL season on hold, the Flyers’ teammates missed each other.

“We’ve all been good enough to stay in touch,” said Hart. “Our group conversation exploded. I think we all did a good job, we all kept in touch. We had some group FaceTime calls with each other. Play online video games with each other. We have a really tight group here. “

They also have a goalkeeper who puts himself in good company.

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