Doctor Charged With Fraud After US Sells Treatment Sold As 100% Cure For Covid-19


Patrick Griffin, Dr Staley’s lawyer, said Friday evening that his client was following the example of the executive branch of government, which he said was unfairly prosecuting him.

“The same executive branch that has been touting these two drugs for weeks has now turned around and charged an Iraqi veteran, Dr. Staley, with no criminal record, for doing the exact same thing that the administration has done all this time.” , did he declare. said.

Early reports from doctors in China and France said that hydroxychloroquine, sometimes combined with the antibiotic azithromycin, appeared to help patients. But the studies were small and did not use appropriate control groups.

Griffin said his client truly believed he was helping people during a crisis, adding that treatment kits were sold at a fair price. In an email, Griffin said that Dr. Staley even gave the undercover officer “two for free. The opposite of the scam. ”

He declined to comment on prosecutors’ allegations, according to Dr. Staley, about the drug.

“The proper forum for this conduct is actually more of a state regulatory agency, rather than a federal criminal courtroom,” he said. “What we really have here is a dispute over what a doctor believes is in the best interests of his patients.”

But the case, said US attorney Robert Huie’s assistant, relates to the 100% curative allegations regarding the drug.

“Our case is not about the doctor selling drugs,” Huie said in a telephone interview on Friday. “It’s not about whether the drugs are good or bad, it’s about telling patients, potential customers, in order to sell their services, that what they are offering is a 100% remedy and that it confers temporary immunity. “


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