Disney Channel’s limit of 65 episodes and disagreements over money cause Lizzie McGuire to be canceled


There is no denying the Lizzie McGuire was without a doubt one of the best shows on the Disney Channel in the early 2000s.

While playing the oh-so-relatable Lizzie McGuire, Hilary Duff captured all of our hearts with her obvious charm, hilarious antics and witty mind as she perfectly showcased the ups and downs of all the teenagers facing to college navigation.

Hilary Duff
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But although the show was one of the top rated shows at the time with a lucrative franchise and a lot more content planned for the future, it ended in a shocking way in 2003, just two years after its release. first broadcast.

While it was revealed that Disney Channel shows in the early 2000s had a limit of 65 episodes, it turns out that it was not the only thing that led to Lizzie McGuire’s cancellation

Disney Channel implemented the unofficial 65-episode rule in the late 1990s

If you grew up listening to the Disney Channel almost every day in the early 2000s, then you know that most of the original, beloved shows of the time weren’t aired very long.

Unlikely today, many shows in the early 2000s had a lifespan after airing a number of episodes. While it sounds like a coincidence, it turns out there is a reason why all of our favorite Disney sitcoms and cartoons have come to a shocking end.

According to The Gamer, Disney Channel implemented a rule in 1998 that all shows would end once their 65th episode was reached.

“The goal was to limit production costs so that they could continue to do more shows while keeping costs low,” said the store. “This rule is no longer applied, but Disney will still cancel most shows after their fourth season. “

This happens to be one of the reasons why Lizzie McGuire finished much sooner than we thought.

Although the show was one of the most popular Disney Channel series of its time, the TV station always canceled it, despite fan promises. Lizzie McGuire content, including another series following Lizzie in high school and a sequel to Lizzie McGuire’s film.

Duff left series due to silver talks

After 2003 was over, Duff found himself coming in his final days as brave Lizzie McGuire.

Even if she just finished shooting Lizzie McGuire Movie, which grossed $ 55.5 million worldwide, the series was nearing its 65th episode, which meant that its time on the Disney Channel was soon coming to an end.

But even though Lizzie McGuire could have easily entertained fans for years, Duff decided to leave the series in 2003 due to disagreements over money with the Walt Disney Company.

After leaving the Disney Channel, actress mother Susan Duff told Entertainment Weekly, “Disney thought they could intimidate us into accepting the offer they wanted to make, and they didn’t couldn’t. We moved away from a suite. They’ve moved away from a franchise. “

Duff then revealed that Disney was not offering his daughter enough to continue doing business with them.

As a final offering, Disney’s offered teenage superstar $ 35,000 an episode for a spinoff series after high school Lizzie, but Duff said other companies are offering six-digit paychecks per episode instead. .

Duff even revealed that Disney withdrew from an agreement where they would pay his daughter a $ 500,000 bonus after Lizzie McGuire Movie raised $ 50 million.

“We didn’t feel love,” said Duff. “They were not giving Hilary the respect she deserved. “

In the end, all plans to pursue the franchise were removed from the table as Duff continued to look for other opportunities outside of Disney.

“We went to great lengths to reach an agreement on the sequel to” Lizzie McGuire “,” said Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group president Nina Jacobson. “We think Hilary is very talented and we really wanted to stay in business with her. “

A ‘Lizzie McGuire“The reboot could still happen

Despite Duff’s turbulent past with the Walt Disney Company, she still seeks to bring Lizzie McGuire return to the small screen for a new restart.

In August 2019, Duff revealed that she would resume her role as Lizzie McGuire, this time after 30-year-old Lizzie sailed as an adult in New York.

The show was scheduled to air on the Disney + streaming platform, but after Duff and showrunner Terri Minsky – who left the series citing creative differences with the studio – wanted to push for a more adult screenplay, the production has been suspended.

Since then, Duff has been trying to move the series to the Hulu, but so far, that has not been a word about this plan.

While we hope Lizzie McGuire the restart is still underway, we will just have to wait and see if the much anticipated recovery really becomes a reality.


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