Dismissal of G-Raver’s motion for dismissal in the Jim Cornette case; Both parties issue statements


G-Raver Jim Cornette

It was in late February when G-Raver, The Indy Connection and his lawyer Max Petrunya filed a “motion to dismiss” the federal lawsuit filed by Jim Cornette concerning the “Fuck Jim Cornette” t-shirt that Raver published on the site. IC web. This motion to dismiss was dismissed and the litigation will continue.

Dominic DeAngelo of WrestleZone received the 31-page document through Cornette’s lawyer, Stephen P. New, and goes into great detail regarding the arguments made by both parties. A major argument for rejecting G-Raver’s claim is that many of Petrunya and Raver’s arguments rest heavily on the fact that their claimed parody of Cornette on the original drawing is protected by the articles of the First Amendment and at this stage , it would be premature to have a dismissal. The US court for the western district of Pennsylvania has argued reasons for their refusal in the document and a hearing is scheduled for May 27.

DeAngelo received the following statement from Attorney New regarding the court decision.

“We are satisfied with the judge’s decision,” said New. “We look forward to our hearing on May 27, provided it can go ahead, and we look forward to hearing this case to the fullest. “

G-Raver’s lawyer, Petrunya, who is also a professional wrestler by the name of “The Gavel” David Lawless, said the following about the decision, saying:

“I am not surprised by the court’s decision. It does not change any of the arguments about the shirt and it is the protection of the First Amendment. The order simply means that the discovery will have to be made before the Court can make a decision. The Court even states in the document that it does not deal with the validity of the defenses of the First Amendment. Rather, the Court said that it was premature to invoke a dismissal at the moment. “

It should be noted that the Court granted Shopify, the electronic commerce site on which The Indy Connection operates, its motion to dismiss.

WrestleZone will be sure to keep you posted on the development of this story, but in the meantime, listen to our exclusive interviews with Prosecutor Petrunya and Prosecutor New regarding the case.

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