Discover the new Quarantine haircut from Colton Underwood


  • Bachelor former student Colton Underwood shared an Instagram of Cassie Randolph cutting his hair.
  • At the very least, it doesn’t look great.

    Now that we’re all self-insulating (and if you don’t, go ahead as soon as possible), there are things we are going to have to do ourselves that we might not be used to, like painting our nails or by making us a haircut. And it looks like Bachelor alum Colton Underwood took care of the latter by asking his girlfriend Cassie Randolph to cut his hair, and let’s just say it might not have been the best idea!

    Colton shared a haircut video yesterday showing Cassie trying to figure out the mower and saying, “It’s not going to be fine for me. He also shared a photo of the end result and captioned the message: “I let @cassierandolph cut my hair … safe to say that she won this battle and I will wear a hat for a while . “

    And if you haven’t scrolled through this Insta, here’s what Colton looks like now:



    He also tweeted about the very unfortunate cut, writing, “I let Cassie cut my hair. Bad idea “and” I’m sad to say that @CassieRandolph and I decided to take a break and split up after she did this to my hair. ”

    And just in case you want more photos of Colton’s horrible new hairstyle, he also shared a few photos in his Insta stories:

    Even if Colton says he’s not thrilled with his new clown-style hair, with the speed at which he shares photos, I feel like he can’t be * too * upset, right?


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