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                La course de 200 milles se déroulera le week-end après le Private Idaho de Rebecca, mais le même jour que Grinduro en Californie.               

                                            Le Garmin Dirty Kanza 200 a été reporté du 30 mai au 12 septembre en raison de la pandémie de coronavirus. Le propriétaire de la course, Life Time, a annoncé le changement d'horaire dimanche soir. Près de 4 000 coureurs sont inscrits à l'événement à guichets fermés.

Runners registered for the race have three options: they can run in September, they can postpone their registration for the 2021 event, or they can get a refund. Runners have until May 15 to notify Life Time of their choice.

Race co-founder Jim Cummins told VeloNews that Life Time has spent the past four weeks working on contingency plans for the world’s most famous gravel race.

“Several weeks ago, we announced that our decision would be made by May 1 at the latest. And almost immediately we started to hear screams that it was too late, “said Cummins. “We knew from the start that we would make the best possible decision as soon as possible. We have looked at every possibility. This process just took time. “

In addition to browsing the calendar for dates that conflict with as few other races as possible, the Life Time team must also coordinate with the city of Emporia, Kansas, emergency response, volunteers, sponsors and others.

As many other gravel races in the summer do the same, the fall calendar is crowded.

The new time slot for the week after Rebecca’s Private Idaho on September 3 and 6. It falls the same day as Grinduro in California.[[[[Editor’s note: this story originally said it happened a week before Grinduro, California.]The Dirty Kanza 2020 also falls on the date originally owned by the Pony Express 120, a gravel race in Marysville, Kansas. The Pony Express 120 has moved its date to October 17.

“We called them and told them that we were considering [September 12] date, and asked them to help us think about how we could make it work for the two of us, “said Cummins. “They almost immediately offered to change the date. We did not ask them. They graciously offered to do it for us. Obviously, we really appreciate them. “

Will Dirty Kanza accept new entries?

In recent years, Dirty Kanza has organized a lottery for starters because demand has outstripped supply. With the potential of many runners delaying or requesting reimbursements for this year’s rescheduled event, others are wondering if they could now enter. This answer, as of yet, is unknown, but Life Time expects to be clear after the May 15 deadline. .

“Right now, registration is closed,” said Cummins, adding that he does not know how many current runners will refuse to participate in the September event. “Honestly, we don’t know what to expect. It is possible that a large number may postpone or request a refund, and in this case it is possible that we may reopen the registration. We will just have to wait and see. “



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