Director Matt Reeves reveals the two Batman movies he loves most


“I don’t want to be part of a long line of Batman movies where it’s just another,” said Batman director Matt Reeves in a new interview in which he reveals the two Batman movies he admires most and highlights what makes his next Bat-movie different Speaking with Nerdist, Reeves praised the 1992 Batman Returns sequel – “What Tim Burton did was really singular. – and actress Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer (Zoe Kravitz plays Catwoman in Reeves’ The Batman). “I love Batman’s returns. Michelle Pfeiffer was amazing. I love him, I love him so much. It’s so amazing and she’s so amazing in it. I just think it’s such a beautiful film, “said Reeves. “I love the Penguin stuff when he goes down the drain as a baby. It’s like, wow. It’s the best thing about Tim Burton at his best, because he has this connection to the fantastic that feels very, very personal. ”

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