Did Carrie become the Nicholas Brody of season 8?


In its last season, Country raises issues for Carrie Matheson (Claire Danes) and her mentor, Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin). She defies orders as usual, but her fraternization with the enemy has some fans pointing out that she is becoming Nicholas Brody this season.

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Claire Danes in “Homeland” | Sifeddine Elamine / SHOWTIME

Where is Carrie in Season 8 of “Homeland”?

After being captured and detained by Russian intelligence in Season 4 of Homeland, Carrie returned to a re-education center where she was better. In the middle of her therapy, Saul comes to recruit her for a mission. He needs her to use his connection with the Afghan general to negotiate a peace deal with the Taliban.

Carrie is ready to go, but her doctors are hesitant, knowing that she has not fully recovered. However, Saul needs her, so he pushes her to go to Kabul. Once there, Carrie works her assets but finds herself in contact with her Russian captor, Yevgeny Gromov (Costa Ronin).

When the helicopter carrying the American and Afghan presidents crashes, Carrie sets out to find her friend Max (Maury Sterling) and the black box he recovered at the accident site. When the CIA refuses to help, it goes to Yevgeny for help.

He helps him find Max, who is ultimately killed, and also helps him find the black box. But before she can bring him back to Saul, Yevgeny steals him. In season 8, episode 9, Yevgeny asks him to expose Saul’s assets in the Kremlin in exchange for the black box.

Carrie has herself been arrested and returned to the United States, and the presumption is that she will betray Saul to get the black box and stop the potential war to come.

Fans compare Carrie to Nicolas Brody

Homeland’s first season involved a former soldier named Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) who was captured and detained by Iraqi forces for eight years. Upon his return to the United States, he is announced as a hero, but Carrie believes he has been transformed by the Iraqis.

Eventually, Carrie falls in love with Brody, but she also discovers that her intuition was right. He planned to bomb a government building. She manages to turn him against Al-Qaeda and he hides. Brody, who is the father of Carrie’s baby, is killed later in season 3.

Carrie and Brody were captured and detained by enemy forces and worked against their own country for what they believed was the greatest good. Now fans are seeing Carrie’s story complete, making her the Season 8 Brody.

“Carrie became everything she pretended not to be at the start of #Homeland with Brody”, a fan wrote on Twitter. “The circle of life. »»

“The story of this season is a remake of season 1,” another fan tweeted. “Nick Brody was a United States Navy who may have been hijacked by the enemy. This year’s story parallels this story. Brody turned out to be a traitor, will Carrie be too?

“Yevgeny running this game of division and conquest on Carrie smoothly”, A Twitter user pointed out. “Get shades of Brody.” “

Hopefully Carrie will not experience the same fate as Brody. He was ostracized for being a traitor, then hanged. But whatever she does, after all that she has sacrificed and done for the country, she certainly deserves better than that.


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