Detroit bus driver Jason Hargrove dies a few days after shooting passenger’s cough


He was upset that a woman had taken no steps to cover her cough when she was on her bus.

“In order for us to get through this and get over it, you all have to take it seriously,” he said with an explored curse. … There are people who die here. “

Four days later, Hargrove, 50, fell ill. He died Wednesday evening.

It is not known how he got Covid-19.

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But the bus drivers in Detroit were so angry with the passengers who coughed and sneezed that they left on March 17. After that, they started getting gloves and they wear masks when they can get them, according to Glenn Tolbert, president of the union bus drivers.

He said that the fleet had been cleaned and disinfected after the walkout, but he wondered if that was enough.

“We see more people sick than any doctor,” Tolbert told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “We are the first responders before the first responders because we recover the sick by taking them to the hospital. “

Mayor Mike Duggan told reporters on Thursday that when he met drivers during their work stoppage, they told him about passengers coughing and sneezing while putting money in the fare box.

He said he had watched the Hargrove video and everyone in America should see it.

“I don’t know how to look at this and not tear it apart,” said the mayor. “He knew his life was in danger even if he went to work for the citizens of Detroit every day, by someone who didn’t care, someone who didn’t take it seriously. And now he’s gone. “

Detroit bus drivers no longer open their doors or collect fares, said the mayor. People enter through the back doors of buses.

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Hargrove released his video before the mayor ordered the changes. “This is something I will think about for a long time,” said Duggan.

Bus drivers can also get hotel rooms if they fear bringing the virus home, the mayor said.

In the video, Hargrove says that a woman coughed four or five times without trying to cover her mouth.

“But for you to get on a bus and stand on the bus and cough several times without covering your mouth and you know they are in the middle of a pandemic, it lets me know that some people have make fun of it, ‘don’t give an (explanatory)’, he says.

He said he didn’t blame all the passengers for his anger, just this woman.

In Detroit, 2,860 people were infected with the new coronavirus and 97 died on Thursday.


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